Astrophotography Adventures with Galactic Hunter

Galactic Hunter

Purpose: Our hosts explore the exciting adventures in astrophotography by the husband/wife duo Galactic Hunter. We talk about their origins and what the future holds for these upcoming astro-stars.

Galactic Hunter: Antoine and Dalia Grelin have propelled their interests and their marriage through the galaxy with incredible photos being featured in various astronomy outlets. Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, the two provide incredible images, reviews, and tutorials for other aspiring astronomers to get involved with and improve upon their own astrophotography setups.

This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How easy it is to get involved in astrophotography
  • The relatable rise of a husband/wife duo
  • Advice on getting a reliable beginner setup started
  • About the incredible learning materials provided by Galactic Hunter

Notable Quotes:

"The whole point of astrophotography should be to share the experience” - Dustin Gibson

“If you’re a complete beginner, you should start with a DSLR camera.” - Antoine Grelin

“Sometimes it’s good to disconnect, go out under the sky, and make some memories.” - Dalia Grelin

Main Topics:

3:25 -The Relatable Rise of Galactic Hunter

Going from a minimal understanding of astronomy--and even less so for astrophotography, these two looked up at a clear night sky and became captivated by Pleiades. Eventually, they tried photographing the sky with an inferior camera and decided for themselves that they’re going to jump right in and see what they can do. They found that it was actually quite easy to get involved with this once gated hobby, and have since promoted their activities and tutorials online to a grand degree. They commit themselves to quality content, fully invested in getting people just as excited about the night sky as they are.

10:22 -From Beginner to Big Time

Any beginner can get started taking incredible images with their DSLR camera. This is how the duo began their adventures. As with anything you want to get better at, a big part of astrophotography is giving it the time and patience required to get out there and take some photos. Antoine and Dalia drive about an hour outside of Vegas every time they image, and while that may seem like a hassle to some, it’s all about relaxing into the cycle of astrophotography in the deliberate process it deserves.

Galactic Hunter 3

21:00 -A Hunter’s Equipment: Mounts, Cameras, and More

Antoine enlightens us on the gear he and Dalia use to get all their great images. Like most of us, they started with a humble collection and have since upped their game to bring to best for themselves and their audience. They currently use anOrion Atlas EQ-G Computerized GoTo Mount which serves them well and a monochrome CMOS cooled astronomy camera. Dustin and Antoine go in-depth with camera pros and cons, discussing the evolution and innovations happening in the imaging industry.

28:12 -Focusing for the Hunt

A common problem among astrophotographers just starting out is getting the image properly focused, and Galactic Hunter went through the same issues. The two tell us about their own experiences with both astronomy cameras and DSLRs, Bahtinov masks, and the focusing techniques they’ve tried. These days, some companies like iOptron are making focusing as easy as possible through automatic digital focusing software. Antoine and Dalia opt out of this and do things the old-fashioned way, putting in the “labor of love” as Dalia calls it. Their labors pay off several times over as we can see from theirwebsite.

37:48 - Dangers of the Chase

The Nevada deserts are filled with creepy-crawlies and creatures looking for a snack, sneaking around in the cold dark. The deathly quiet locations we seek out for imaging are often covered with critters we need to be aware of. Thankfully, neither we nor Galactic Hunter has had any unfortunate encounters, but this is something we all need to take precautions for. If we stay safe, we can image longer!

Galactic Hunter 2

49:16 - Starting Your Own Astrophotography Adventure

Dustin asks Galactic Hunter what they think is the easiest way to get started in this hobby, and they give an extremely easy-to-digest answer. They recommend beginners grab a DSLR camera, maybe some binoculars, and a low-cost telescope, but for those already interested in the long-term, you’ll want to first focus on getting a real solid mount and tripod combo. This is your foundation in astrophotography, and literally the most important aspect of any setup. Plenty of resources--including OPT--are available to assist you in getting started inDSLR astrophotography and finding a reliable telescope setup that won’tbreak your wallet.

57:22 -Wrap-Up and Final Thoughts

Is Galactic Hunter's story relatable to you? Have you started your own adventure in astrophotography? Let us know in the comments below!

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