Beginners Guide to Your New Telescope with Brian Fulda

Welcome to the first episode of Space Junk Podcast for 2021! In this episode Tony Darnell and Dustin Gibson welcome guest Brian Fulda from the OPT team to give tips for beginners getting started in astronomy.

Sit back and enjoy this talk on everything you need to know for first-time telescope buyers and amateur astrophotographers.

About Brian Fulda

Brian is the instructor at OPT University, a daily class offered to the OPT staff. These educational sessions help the OPT team answer questions many astronomers have and help OPT continue to provide excellent customer service.

Also known as absorbingphotons on Instagram, Brian is also a notable astrophotographer in the hobby with a stunning collection of images of the night sky.

Advice for Beginners Buying a Telescope

  • Cheap doesn’t always mean beginner. Some of the best beginner telescopes are expensive because everything is automated like the STELLINA (time stamp, 14:15).
  • The telescope you will use the most, is the one that has the lowest barrier to getting outside (time stamp, 38:57).

Beginners Guide to Your New Telescope Time Stamps

  • 2:03 - Opening your first telescope.
  • 3:40 - Brian’s background and work at OPT.
  • 6:20 - OPT U subjects covered and what it's like teaching the staff.
  • 10:02 - Getting into astronomy (taking steps, the complications).
  • 20:24 - Dustin’s advice for beginners.
  • 24:33 - Refractor benefits and more!
  • 36:31 - SCT telescopes & what they excel at.
  • 38:57 - Tony’s take on what makes a telescope most usable/easiest.
  • 44:40 - Is there a telescope that can’t upgrade?
  • 45:48 - Getting started in astrophotography from your first telescope.
  • 51:48 - Looking through an eyepiece vs imaging.
  • 57:25 - Closing thoughts and advice for your first telescope.

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