AstroBin with Salvatore Iovene

In this episode, Tony and Dustin welcome the founder of AstroBin, Salvatore Iovene, to discuss the creation of AstroBin and more! Learn about Salvatore's journey with the site's success, astrophotography metadata's evolution, and what may be to come.

About AstroBin

You might know it as the Google of astrophotography equipment image results, but for Salvatore Iovene, it is a community resource that resulted from his personal experience in the hobby.

On AstroBin users can upload astrophotography images including all the metadata on how it was captured. One of the most popular features of the site is the ability to search for equipment and see what images were uploaded using certain gear.

About Salvatore Iovene

Salvatore is a computer programmer from Naples, Italy, most known in the astrophotography community as the founder of AstroBin. At the time of this podcast recording, Salvatore has taken a break from imaging to focus on the site and his personal life but hopes to get started again soon.

Timestamps for AstroBin with Salvatore Iovene

2:45 - How and why AstroBin was started

10:03 - Who is AstroBin made for - beginners or advanced astrophotographers?

12:43 -Getting around the stigma that astrophotography is an expensive hobby

15:25 - How the site has changed Salvatore’s life and what updates might be coming

20:21 - What can you search on AstroBin & what files are accepted

24:19 - The science, art, and community of astrophotography

29:58 - Educating people about how to access space and empowering people to explore

32:54 -Future of the hobby and potentials, are images copyrighted on AstroBin?

40:10 - What’s so exciting about astrophotography?

49:05 -Photon guilt

58:07 -Navigating AstroBin as a first-time visitor

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