Amateur Astronomy 2018 and a Look Towards 2019

Purpose: More people than ever are getting into astronomy and are realizing just how accessible space really is. Dustin and Tony review the highlights of 2018 and discuss what’s to come in 2019.

This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Highlights of 2018 and what’s to come
  • About the resurgence of color cameras in imaging
  • Recommended cameras and software for amateur astrophotographers
  • The benefits of CMOS vs CCD
  • Why short exposures might be better for you

Notable Quote:

“Everything is going in the right direction.” - Dustin Gibson

Main Topics:

3:41 -Industry Highlights of 2018

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch - Feb: Launched a Tesla into space

TES First Mission - August: Searching for Earth-like exoplanets in our galaxy

Parker Solar Probe - June: A mission to survey the corona activity on our sun

18:02 -The rise of CMOS cameras - CMOS vs CCD

Dustin gives an in-depth look at the difference between CMOS and CCD cameras, and why the market has trended this way. CMOS cameras, being driven by the DSLR industry, have been innovated upon and streamlined.

24:11 -Camera Cooling Systems and Exposure Times

Depending on the camera model, we have a few options available for efficiency and style of cooling systems. For longer image exposures we require advanced systems in order for our images to remain clear, while shorter exposures generally do not need a cooling system to be effective.

32:40 -Recommended Cameras and Tracking Software

Our hosts review some highly recommended products that have grown more popular in 2018, and will likely continue this trend into 2019. Prime software recommendations include the Stellarmate or the EAGLE CORE, while ZWO or QHY cameras give incredible results.

42:25 -Bringing Color Back - The Triad Filter

With the release of the Triad filter, the color camera has swung right back into popularity. A huge benefit to this filter and these cameras is the ability to take an image and immediately have it displayed on the screen in color, ready to show the world. Dustin relates his experience and future plans with this setup.

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