Alcohol in Space and Going to Mars with Chris Carberry!

We have limited information about the effects of alcohol in space, but there's no doubt that it is a very important cultural feature for many of us. Chris Carberry, the CEO of Explore Mars and author of "Alcohol in Space," joins us to talk about the role alcohol can play, if not in space survivability, then at least in coping with space travel. We also discuss the latest efforts to get to Mars and whether we can get there by the 2030s.

About Chris Carberry

Chris Carberry is CEO and co-founder of Explore Mars, Inc, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sending humans to space within the next two decades. Carberry is also the author of Alcohol in Space, a book that explores the many questions from safety, biology, and sustainability. ⁠His dedication to research and working with other space experts has made him an integral part of conversations about the possibility of getting humans to Mars and more.

Alcohol in Space and Going to Mars with Chris Carberry Timestamps

1:51 - What got Chris started in exploring alcohol in space

3:35 - Are you allowed to drink alcohol in space?

9:05 - Approved substance effects, like sleep medication, on astronauts

11:08 - The importance/challenge of studying alcohol in space

13:05 - Alcohol brewed in space?

16:33 - Budweiser’s investment in sustainability in space

17:54 - Water in space

18:41 - About “Space Drinks Association”

21:07 - Carbonated drinks in space

21:54 - Bringing together groups to look at issues and find solutions to sustainability in space

25:50 - The complexity of air in space

26:19 - Brainstorming what the Space Drinks Association will do

29: 14 - One of the first projects of the Space Drinks Association

30:22 - Explore Mars

32:31 - The Moon’s role in the journey to Mars

36:29 - Can we survive the trip to Mars?

45:30 - Cost of getting to Mars and back

47:45 - Innovations

52:35 - Perseverance Rover & planetary protection

56:17 - Who will be first to Mars?

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