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AAPOD2: Showcasing Amazing Images in Amateur Astronomy


We've all heard of the Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA, but there is another website showcasing amazing photos from the amateur community: The Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day. Our guests Charles Lillo and Jason Matter tell us the story of how they got AAPOD going and what you can win if you submit your images for consideration! 

Timestamps for AAPOD2 Episode  

1:37 – Learning about how Charles Lillo and Jason Matter got started in the hobby 

8:24 – Challenges with being an amateur astronomer in the Florida  

13:40 – Where did the idea come to start AAPOD2? 

16:26 – What is APOD and how is AAPOD2 different? 

20:50 – How you can submit to AAPOD2 

22:30 – Partnership with Cathrin Machin  

26:23 – The astro community’s response to AAPOD2 

28:45 – Growing the team  

30:55 – Why social media accounts dedicated to pictures of space get so popular 

36:37 – Public outreach and getting more people excited about space  

38:36 – Visual astronomers vs imagers  

39:33 – The gear they are using now  

43:27 – Advice for those that are getting started in astrophotography 

46:50 – Plans for AAPOD2 

51:03 – What type of images stand out to AAPOD2 when selecting a winner  

What astronomy groups are you a part of? Let us know in the comments below and help others looking for groups to join! 

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