ZWO 1.25" IR Cut-Off Filter

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  • ZWO 1.25" IR Cut-Off Filter

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    • This Blocking Filter is 1.25", Mounted
    • Blocks both IR ad UV
    • Case Included!

    ZWO 1.25" IR Cut-Off Filter

    Astronomy cameras are very sensitive to infrared radiation, and unfortunately, most telescopes (especially refractors) are not designed to focus infrared light. This combination results in a degraded final image unless steps are taken to block the infrared light from reaching your camera's sensor. The ZWO IR Cut-Off Filter will effectively block IR light (and UV light as well) when you are imaging the night sky, resulting in sharper images.

    The ZWO IR-Cut Filter, also known as an IR Blocking or IR Cut-Off filter, also does a great job of protecting your expensive H-Alpha filters from the damaging effects of heat.

    The ZWO IR-Cut Filter is housed in a 1.25" metal cell. Internal threads on the cell allow you to stack filters to suit your particular application. Each filter comes in a plastic filter case to protect it when not in use.


    OPT Product Number: ZWO-IRCUT1


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