ZWO Electronic 7 Position Filter Wheel- 36mm Sized

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  • Filter Positions: 7
  • Filter Position Sizes: 36mm
  • Designed for minimal interference with your imaging train
  • Greatly expands versatility of any monochrome camera

ZWO Electronic 7 Position Filter Wheel- 36mm Sized

ZWO has a history of producing extremely high value products at a low, affordable cost; and this filter wheel is no different! Providing an easy way to change between various filters in a set with minimal hassle and fuss, this filter wheel has eight separate positions to host seven separate filters of the correct size. A capacity of seven makes this wheel perfect for holding an LRGB set and a narrowband set simultaneously, allowing a wide array of images to be taken in a single night with minimal hassle or fuss! Furthermore, this efficient and smooth wheel has minimized noise and interference, and was designed to have a minimal impact on your imaging train.

OPT Product Number: ZWO-EFW-7-36

Additional Information

Filter Positions7
Filter Size36mm
Filter Wheel TypeFilter Changer
Free ShippingYes
  • 7*36mm EFW body
  • 1.25″ Holder-T2
  • T2 nosepiece
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • A bag of M2 screws
  • T2-T2 adapter(male)
  • USB2.0 cable

Questions & Answers

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  • Is for mounted or unmounted filters?

    The ZWO 7 Position Filter Wheel will fit mounted and u nmounted filters with the approriate mounting hardware being included in the package. Please note that some manufacturers filters vary in standard size. To ensure your dilters will fit this or other filterhweels please feel free to call or email us drectly.