ZWO ASI533MC Pro USB3.0 Cooled Color Astronomy Camera

  • Cooled color CMOS astronomy camera can capture at 20 FPS.
  • Sony IMX533 1-inch square sensor.
  • 3008 x 3008 resolution.
  • 3.76 micron pixel size.
  • 1.0e low read noise.
  • Full well at 50000e.
  • QE of 80%.
  • 14-bit.


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ZWO ASI533MC Pro USB3.0 Cooled Color Astronomy Camera

The ASI533MC Pro features Sony's latest back-illuminated CMOS IMX533 sensor. Its 1-inch, square, 9.07 MP sensor is ideal for astrophotography and can be considered an iteration of the venerable ASI183MC Pro.

This latest generation camera retains key features of the ASI183 series--such as an attractive QE figure and high frame rate--but now includes zero amp glow, extreme low readout noise (as low as 1.0e), 3.76 microns pixel size and an improved 2 stage TEC cooler.

Below you'll see an incredible image of the Rosette Nebula taken by Jason Guenzel using the Triad Ultra on the super-fast f/2.2 Celestron RASA telescope and using the ZWO ASI533 Camera! 

Jason Guenzel Nebula with RASA and Triad Ultra

The Sony IMX533 Sensor

The IMX533 is a 1-inch, 9 MP CMOS image sensor in a square format with a 3.76 um pixel size, capable of producing frames at 20 frames/sec in 14-bit mode. Its readout noise is as low as 1.0e which makes it comparable to SCMOS or EMCCD sensors and highly suitable for high-definition, low-noise imaging.

Back-Illuminated Sensor Design

Sony's back-illuminated CMOS image sensor improves sensitivity and noise reduction - the key factors to enhancing image quality, while radically realigning their fundamental pixel structure from front-illumination to back-illumination. It has retained the advantages of CMOS image sensors such as low power consumption and high-speed operation.

With a conventional front-illumination structure, the metal wiring and transistors on the surface of the silicon substrate that form the sensor's light-sensitive area (photo-diode) impede photon gathering carried out by the on-chip lens. A back-illuminated structure minimizes the degradation of sensitivity to optical angle response, while also increasing the amount of light that enters each pixel due to the lack of obstacles such as metal wiring and transistors that have been moved to the reverse of the silicon substrate.

Sony developed a unique photo-diode structure and on-chip lens optimized for back-illuminated structures, that achieve higher sensitivity and a lower random noise without light by reducing noise, dark current, and defect pixels compared to the conventional front-illuminated structure.


Camera Performance

Low readout noise, high dynamic range.


Quantum Efficiency Curve

ZWO estimates the QE peak value is more than 80%. - (Graph from initial testing).

ZWO ASI533 Wavelength Sensitivity

Zero Amp Glow

Traditional CMOS sensors produce a weak infrared light source during operation quite often seen in the corner of uncalibrated images as the tell-tale signs of amp glow. As the ASI533MC PRO uses zero amp glow circuitry, you won’t have to worry about amp glow even when using high gain, long exposure imaging.

Camera with amp glow – exposure 300-second exposure:

Camera Exposure with Amp Glow

ASI553 frame with no amp glow – Exposure 300 seconds:

ZWO ASI533 No Amp Glow

Dark Current


DDR Memory Buffer

The ASI533MC PRO is equipped with a USB 3.0 interface, and even in 14-bit mode, can reach 20 frames per second. The 256 MB DDR3 memory ensures stable downloading of frames with increased USB speeds.

ZWO ASI533 IMX533 Sensor

ASI533MC Pro vs. ASI183MC Pro Comparison

ZWO ASI533 Spec Chart

Mechanical Diagram

 ZWO ASI533 Mechanical Drawing

ZWO-AC-DC12V5A = American Standard.


ADC14 bit
Back Focus6.5 mm
Color or MonoColor
Delta T35C
Dynamic Range13.7 Stops
Free ShippingYes
Full Rez Frame Rate20fps
Full Well50ke
Mega Pixels9 mp
Peak QE80%
Pixel Array3008 x 3008
Pixel Size3.76 microns
PS3 Microns or Smaller
Read Noise3.8e
Sensor Diagonal16 mm
Sensor TypeCCD
SensorSony IMX 533


ZWO ASI533 Included Items


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Dr. Schulte
United States United States
Best choice if...

I love this camera, it performs excellent. ZWO is defiantly the leader in DSO cameras. If you only have room or budget for one dedicated camera in your bag this is a really great choice... if you have room for two I’d get a 294 & 183.

United States United States
Fantastic camera!

I use this for EAA and the images are very smooth, clean, and beautiful. With cooling and no amp glow, darks are optional though I often use them. GRAB ONE!

Nicholas B.
United States United States
First deep space camera, no regrets getting this

I've used this camera for a total of 30 ish hours under the stars since my purchase in June. Has immensely upped the quality of my astrophotography. Works great with dual narrowband filters such as the Optolong L-eXtreme and my Ed80/600 refractor.

Karl K.
United States United States
Great camera

I only got to use it a couple of times before several weeks of bad weather. But it has worked great and as promised. I’m still new to using a dedicated Astro camera, but so far my results are great. OPT. Is great/fast and has a easy to use website. Thanks.

Bino G.
United States United States
Latest sensor technology at a good price with proven ZWO technology and drivers

This sensor is great for small targets since it is quite sensitive and the FOV is small enough to focus on Galaxies etc. The square sensor reduces vignetting and works well with SCT and RC scopes with reducers that cause vignetting.

United States United States
Love it!

My first camera after doing a lot of research and receiving recommendations - works great with my 8" Newtonian.