ZWO ASI294MC Pro Cooled Color CMOS Astrophotography Camera

  • Perfect for deep space astrophotography and planetary imaging!
  • 11 MP micro four-thirds sensor.
  • High conversion gain boosts sensitivity without losing dynamic range.
  • Thermoelectric cooling down to minus 35 degrees Celsius below ambient.
  • Shoots 4k video at 24 FPS and 320 x 240 at 179.3 FPS.
Stop Worrying About Light Pollution!
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ZWO ASI294MC Pro Cooled Color CMOS Astrophotography Camera

Versatile | Compact | Exceptional Image Quality

The ASI294 Pro is a micro four-thirds camera packed with features that help you produce world-class images.

  • The first image sensor to take on the four-thirds format providing the necessary amount of pixels for better images.
  • Low-illumination performance from its large optical system makes it ideal for astrophotography.
  • Minimize your camera's amp-glow with improved and reliable data transfer using the DDR memory buffer.
  • Achieve a high signal-to-noise ratio with just one single exposure!
With exceptional noise reduction technology and video capabilities, the 294 Pro is ideal for photographing: Nebulae, galaxies, planets, solar images,  lunar images, and more.

Sony IMX294CJK HCG Mode

Reduce your camera's read noise levels to lower settings at higher gain without loss to the dynamic range when in HCG Mode. Its automatically enabled when the gain setting is 120 or higher. See your camera's read noise drop under 2 electrons, while the dynamic range will remain at 13 stops!

Read Noise and Dynamic Range

ZWO ASI Short Back Focus 

Most Adaptable Camera Body

Like most ZWO cooled cameras, this 294 Pro body has a short back focus of 6.5 mm. This makes it very easy to adapt to almost any telescope system. Especially telescopes or reducers where back focus is very scarce.


ADC14 bit
Back Focus6.5 mm
Camera ConnectionMale M42x0.75
Color or MonoColor
Delta T35C
Free ShippingYes
Full Rez Frame Rate19fps
Full Well63.7ke
Max Frame Rate179.3fps
Mega Pixels11.7 mp
MP9 to 12 MP
Peak QE75%
Pixel Array4144 x 2822
Pixel Size4.63 microns
PS4 to 6 Microns
Read Noise7.5e
Sensor Diagonal21.6 mm
Sensor TypeCMOS
sensor4/3" Sony IMX294 CMOS
Weight0.9 lbs


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Don B.
United States United States
Great step up from a DSLR

The ZWO ASI294 MC Pro is a fantastic step up from the modified Nikon DSLR I have been using. The larger pixel size even works well with the Celestron 14" SCT that I'm using. And the camera is easy to use, with only a small learning curve. I'm using it through a powered USB 3.0 hub and get almost instant downloads with virtually no noise. I also use the USB hub on the camera to run my guide camera with the short cable provided with the camera. Dealing with OPT has also been a pleasure with quick shipping and an easy to use site.

John S.
United States United States

I chose the ZWO ASI294MC-Pro because the 4.63 micron pixels match my telescope's focal length. I use an 80 mm F7.5 telescope for most imaging. The camera is well with in the specifications for use with my 120 mm F 8.3 as well. The ZWO ASI294MC-Pro comes with a good set of adapters and spacers. I wanted to have a hard connection between the camera and the telescope. I used all the spacers and adapters to make the hard connection and get the back focus. The ZWO ASI294MC-Pro is very sensitive for a color camera. The field of view in my telescope is about 1.8° x 1.2° returning a very detailed image. As to the USB hub on the camera I do not use it, but I see the value if you have the mono and are using a filter wheel. I do like the USB cables that are part of the package, particularly the short 2.0 cables. I use one from my guide camera to a powered USB 3.0 hub. I would recommend a powered hub as the sub frames are 22.8 mbs. I am using Nebulosity 4 as capture software and the download speeds are good, but I also have a 10 sec delay between sub frames. I bought the ZWO 12V 3I power supply along with the camera. The power supply is well constructed and has ample power cable. The ZWO ASI294CM-Pro has a delta T 35 cooler. I normally run it at delta T -20. The cooler has a low power consumption as 30% is the highest number I have seen as of this writing. OTP delivered the camera and power supply to me (in Florida) in just under four (4) days. The camera, as does all ZWO cameras is well packaged.

A OPT Telescopes Customer
James K.
United States United States
ZWO ASI294MC Pro Cooled

I haven't owned the ASI294MC for very long, but the two nights I imaged with it have been very good. I still have a learning curve to go through with the different software for this camera. OPT's service is excellent, thank you.

Australia Australia
Long term project

Getting the best out of this camera is going to take some time due to the need to master its many controls and features. But initial impression is very favourable.

Michael P.
United States United States
Simply Amazed....

I've been shooting with an unmodified DSLR for the last several years and I felt that I was at the point were it was holding me back in my astrophotography. I got great advice from the folks at OPT and I have to say I am thrilled! I don’t know why I waited so long to move to a dedicated astro camera. Of course the weather has been horrible for a month after delivery. I had my first opportunity to try it this past weekend. Using NINA capture software..everything connected flawlessly, the included manual was “Spot-on” re: spacers needed to get correct backfocus, and setup. When my first sub downloaded of the Pelican Nebula, I was thrilled to see “red” Ha data for the first time imaging.. very low noise. Honestly, I think I was most excited not to be taking dark frames at 2am... Thanks OPT for the great advice.

Frank R.
United States United States
Strange artifacts

I wanted to love this camera—it’s fast, sensitive and creates great images. But with a light pollution filter like the Hutech IDAS-LPS P2 or D2, or the Triad Ultra Quad band filter, it creates weird red and green streaks and blotches in the background that are hard to get rid of—or cause you to lose nebulosity when you do. It took me a long time to figure out it was the filters, and maybe it isn’t—there are lots of posts on the internet about similar problems. Check around and see what other people are saying, but if you’re in a light polluted area where you’ll be needing a filter, you might want to look elsewhere. I returned mine and am awaiting an ASI2600.