ZWO ASI178MM Monochrome CMOS Astrophotography Camera

Brand: ZWO


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  • Pixel Array: 3096 x 2080.
  • Pixel Size: 2.4 micrometers x 2.4 micrometers.
  • Sensor Size: 7.4 mm x 5 mm.
  • Diagonal: 8.92 mm.
  • Exposure Range: 32 microseconds to 1,000 seconds.


Product Details

  • Includes the back-illuminated 6.4-megapixel resolution Sony IMX178 image sensor. This one and one-eighth inch CMOS sensor has a 3096 x 2080 pixel array and a 2.4 micrometer-square pixel size. With a 14-bit ADC, extremely low read noise of 2.2 e, and superior sensitivity, the ZWO ASI178MM is an excellent camera for both astrophotography and microscopy.

    ZWO ASI178MM Monochrome Astronomy Camera Specifications at a Glance

    ASI178MM Special Features

    Sony IMX178 CMOS Sensor 

    • High-resolution coupled with optimal dynamic range results in the Sony IMX178 back-illuminated CMOS image sensor's high sensitivity.
    • This sensor's sensitivity of 2000 mV or more per 1 um yields optimal picture quality in the visible and near-infrared light regions.
    • 14-bit ADC significantly reduces quantization noise and suppresses dark random noise resulting in high dynamic range and clear image quality.

    Versatile Design

    • USB 3.0 Port:Can provide 5 GB bandwidth to let ASI178 run at 30 fps (14-bit, normal mode) or 60 fps (10-bit, high-speed mode) at full resolution (6.4 megapixels).
    • 10bit ADC / 14bit ADC
      3096×2080 60fps / 30fps
      2560×2048 62fps / 31fps
      2048×1080 116fps / 58fps
      1280×960 130fps / 65fps
      800×600 204.7fps /102.3fps
      640×480 253.1fps /126.5fps
      320×240 479.7fps /239.8fps
      More resolutions can be defined by the user
    • ST4 Port: Can be used connect with auto guide port of mount, for guiding.
  • specifications

    ADC14 bit
    Back Focus7.5 mm
    Camera ConnectionM42 x 0.75
    Color or MonoMonochrome
    Delta T45C
    Dynamic Range12.8 Stops
    Free ShippingYes
    Full Well15ke
    Max Frame Rate479.7fps
    Mega Pixels6.4 mp
    Pixel Array3096 x 2080
    Pixel Size2.4 microns
    Read Noise2.2e
    Sensor Diagonal23.9 mm
    Sensor TypeCMOS
    SensorSony IMX178
    Weight0.26 lbs
  • included items

    • ZWO ASI178MM Monochrome Astronomy Camera.
    • 2.5 mm All Sky Camera Lens Adapter.
    • 1.25-inch Nosepiece.
    • 1.25-inch Clear Window.
    • USB Cable.
    • ST4 Guider Cable.
    • Software.


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