ZWO ASI 1600 Monochrome Cooled Camera W/7-36mm FW and LRGB/HA/SII/OIII Filters

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  • ZWO ASI 1600 Monochrome Cooled Camera W/7-36mm FW and LRGB/HA/SII/OIII Filters

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    • Pixel Array: 4656 x 3520
    • Pixel Size: 3.8 microns
    • Cooled Monochrome CMOS Camera- Deep Sky Imaging Specialized
    • Includes 7 Position 36mm Filter Wheel
    • LRGB Filters and Narrowband Filters Included
    • Fully Cooled with Cooling Delta of 40-45 C below ambient

    ZWO ASI 1600 Monochrome Cooled Camera W/7-36mm FW and LRGB/HA/SII/OIII Filters

    The ASI 1600 from ZWO is a top notch CMOS deep sky imaging camera, and it has been packaged with a full set of filters and a filter wheel here. It is the cooled variant, and when used with the packaged filters this monochrome camera is capable of producing truly stunning full color deep sky images. This package uses the ASI 1600 CMOS camera, a ZWO seven position filter wheel, and a full set of ZWO filters, to produce stunningly beautiful deep sky images. All you need now is a Telescope, Mount, and Tripod.

    As for the cooling system itself? It is a regulated two stage Thermo-electric Cooling System, capable of pushing at maximum 40 to 45 degrees C below the ambient temperature. The Camera itself operates optimally within the temperature range of -5 degrees C to -45 degrees C, and is best stored within the temperature range of -20 degrees C to -60 degrees C. This powerful cooling system complements the naturally low read noise of the camera to further refine the quality of images produced- aiding ZWO in continuing to provide CCD quality at CMOS prices. And that's just one example of how each individual part of this top notch astronomy camera comes together to produce a truly exemplary whole!

    The USB 3.0 interface and USB 2.0 compatibility are both features that ensure extreme highspeed image download times, making it a breeze to move your images from the camera to your computer for post processing. This also ensures a wide range of compatibility due to the dual compatibility between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. The USB Hub these connections are located on is conveniently placed at the rear of the Camera for ease of accessibility, positioned perfectly to keep all your cables linking to the same area, helping minimize the wide spread of clutter in your imaging train.

    ZWO calls the ASI 1600 their first dedicated DSO imaging camera, but also declares it to be suitable for planetary imaging as well if you prefer. Either way you choose to utilize it, the 1600 is sure to please you with it's low read noise, high resolution, and potent cooling that helps keep the read noise low as possible. And in the package here provided, it's ready to let you get to capturing the highest quality possible full color images, one exposure and one filter at a time! Just find a suitable telescope and adapters, and you'll be ready to go! 

    Product Number: ZWO-1600MM-C-K3

    Additional Information

    ADC12 bit
    Back focus6.5mm
    Bayer MatrixMonochrome
    Bayer PatternN/A
    Camera ConnectionM42x0.75
    Delta T40°C Below Ambient
    Filter TypeH Alpha
    Filter TypeLRGB
    Filter TypeOIII
    Filter TypeSII
    Free ShippingYes
    Full Rez Frame Rate23fps
    Full Well20ke
    Max Frame Rate192.4fps
    Peak QE60%
    Pixel Array4656 x 3520
    Pixel Size3.8 microns
    Power Consumption12v 2A DC
    Read Noise3.6e
    Sensor Diagonal22.2mm
    Sensor TypeCMOS
    SensorPanasonic MN34230
    • ASI1600MM-C Astronomy Camera
    • 36mm 7 hole Electronic Filter Wheel
    • 36mm LRGB Filter Set
    • 36mm 7nm Narrowband Filter Ha OIII SII

    Questions & Answers

    Ask a Question
    • What are the bandpasses for the narrowband filters that come in this set? Do the RGB filters include the usual "gap" to help eliminate light pollution? Thanks!

      Good afternoon, the ZWO narrowband filters are 7nm. They are parfocal with the LRGB filters.

    • What are the bandpasses for the narrowband filters that come in this set? H-alpha? SII? and OIII?

      The ZWO narrowband FIlters are 7nm bandpass

    • How is a precise polar alignment attained as the photo of this mount doesn't appear to have a mechanical means to accurately adjust the altitude and/or azimuth?

      Good afternoon and thanks for asking. The two knobs on the base of the mount provide for azimuth and elevation adjustment. The mounts polar alignment can be adjusted to a very high degree of accuracy.

    • does it have auto guider port??

      Yes, the Nexstar Aux. port will accept a guider, however guiding on an alt az mount does not offer an advantages for photography as you will suffer field rotation over longer exposures.

    • Are there any binning of pixels in the software? If yes, what ratios? Thanks

      Good morning and thanks for asking, The ASI1600 supports hardware and software binning at 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4.

    • What is the bit depth of this camera? Thanks, Rodd

      This camera uses a 12 bit ADC, but with its low noise it compares in dynamic range to some similarly priced CCD cameras.

    • Which ZWO filter wheel is this?

      This package includes the new larger 7 position 36mm filter wheel ZWO-EFW-7-36. We are currently in the process of adding the new offerings to our website.

    • Are these 36mm filters the "new design" like the smaller 1.25" redesigned to match the ASI1600 specifically? Also are they (the 36mm) parfocal? Thanks,

      The included filters are the standard ZWO filters. They are not the specialized filters as mentioned but will offer excellent transmission regardless. These filters are not parfocal so you will have to change the focus slightly between filters.

    • You still have not answered the question about the filters for the new 36mm filter wheel. Are these filters newly made to match the ZWO ASI1600MM-C camera - just like the smaller ones claim to be remade to match this camera?

      All of the filter sizes currently made by ZWO for the 1600 packages (1.25", 31mm, and 36mm) use the same bandpasses and coatings to achieve ~1:1:1 color balance on the ASI1600MM-C cameras. The only difference between the filters is the diameter and mount

    • What power packs can be used? Can I use the Celestron power tank 17?

      Hi Kaname, Any of the 12V batteries will work, but if you are using the camera's coolers, you should use a larger battery, like the 17, as they are power hungry. You will need a power cord specific to your camera. Thank you, Sean

    • When do you expect to ship this item?

      Because of the popularity of the ZWO ASI1600 packages, the stock situation is always in flux. Even if a package shows as wait list, we can often put the package together my modifying other packages or pulling other ZWO items from stock, so please contact

    • What is meant by modified camera?

      It usually means they have removed the infrared blocking filter, so it will be more sensitive for astrophography, especially in H-alpha.

    • What is the flange focal distance of this, including the filterwheel? In other words, the distance from the OTA side of the filter wheel to the the sensor inside the camera (needed for focal reducer calculations).

      The back focus of the camera is 6.5mm, and the filter wheel is 20mm, for a total of 26.5mm.

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