ZWO ASI 174 Monochrome CMOS Telescope Camera

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  • Sensor type: 1.5-inch CMOS Monochrome
  • Resolution: 2.3 MP
  • Pixel Array: 1936 x 1216
  • Pixel Size: 5.86 micrometer x 5.86 micrometer
  • Maximum Frame Rate at Full Resolution: 164fps
  • Maximum Frame Rate at 640 x 480: 397fps



ZWO ASI 174 Monochrome CMOS Telescope Camera

The ASI174MM Monochrome CMOS Astronomy Camera - USB 3.0 by ZWO:


When it comes to imaging cameras with advanced capabilities, the ZWO ASI174MM Monochrome CMOS Camera seems like a natural progression from the ASI120MM-S. State-of-the-art features include an ST-4 guide port, high-speed USB 3.0 port, standard 2 inch M42 x 0.75 internal thread interface, 0.25-inch tripod thread mount on the rear, and an AR window. However, it's the Sony IMX174 monochrome CMOS sensor that separates the ASI174MM from previous ASI models. The IMX174 has a lot of advantages when taking high-quality solar, lunar, planetary, and deep sky object imaging into consideration.

OPT Product Number: ZWO-ASI174MM


ADC12 bit
Back focus17.5mm
Bayer MatrixMonochrome
Camera ConnectionM42x0.75mm
Free ShippingYes
Full Rez Frame Rate128fps
Full Well32ke
Max Frame Rate577fps
Mega Pixels2.4 mp
Pixel Array1936 x 1216
Pixel Size5.86 microns
Power Consumption12v 2A DC
Read Noise6e
Sensor Diagonal13.4mm
Sensor TypeCMOS
SensorSony IMX174
Warranty2 Year Warranty


  • ZWO ASI174MM Monochrome Astronomy Camera
  • 1.25-inch Nosepiece
  • 6.5-foot USB 3.0 Cable
  • 6.5-foot ST4 Guiding Cable
  • Driver CD
  • 1.25-inch Cover




Ask a Question
  • Do you have BVI photometric filters available?

    We do offer photometric filters from Astrodon:

  • What does AR window mean in the ASI 174 Mono camera. The 120 MC says it has a clear window. Dave

    AR means Anti-Reflective. it is a clear window with coatings to prevent reflections and increase light transmission to the camera sensor.

  • What color filter set diameter will I need with this camera? Will my 1.25 inch Astronomik set be OK or would I be up for a 2" set and wheel? Thanks.

    Given the size of the sensor used in the ZWO 174 (13.4MM corner-to-corner on the array), 1.25" filters will be more than sufficient with all but very fast (faster than f/3) optical systems. With the typical application for these cameras being lunar and p