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ZWO ASI 120 LRGB Manual Filter Wheel Monochrome CMOS Camera Kit - Discontinued

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  • Upgraded with filters and filter wheel
  • Pixel Size: 3.5 um
  • Pixel Array: 1280 x 980
  • Sensor: 1/3-inch CMOS MT9M034 Monochrome
  • Highly Versatile ASI120MM CMOS camera


ZWO ASI 120 LRGB Manual Filter Wheel Monochrome CMOS Camera Kit - Discontinued

The ASI120MM Monochrome Astronomy Camera Kit by ZWO: 

This complete imaging kit packages the ASI120 Monochrome camera alongside a manual filter wheel and a full set of LRGB filters.  The kit that lets you engage in full-color imaging using these filters to create the highest quality possible full-color astronomy images, and due to the filters in use you may ignore factors such as light pollution, letting you take images from wherever you please. From your own backyard to the middle of a city to the wild countryside, you can take this camera anywhere you like and it will consistently produce images when used correctly.

The ZWO ASI120MM camera uses a 1/3-inch CMOS MT9M034 monochrome sensor, with a pixel array of 1280 x 960 and a pixel size of 3.75 um. Peak QE is 75-percent, with no fixed pattern noise! A clear window is included that will protect the sensor. A major bonus is the inclusion of a 150-degree wide angle lens attachment! When connected to the camera, you can do super wide angle shots similar to that produced by an all-sky camera. Capture images of the Milky Way stretched overhead, or record the look of the night sky you experienced on a special vacation. With the ZWO Astronomy Camera, you can do it all!

One of the major features of the ZWO ASI120MM camera is its ability to deliver up to 215 frames per second at reduced resolution, or up to 35 fps at full resolution. The wide range of capture resolution settings available with this camera allows you to go from planetary imaging to deep-sky quickly and easily, without the need for another camera.

The beautiful red housing of the ASI120MM is made of aluminum and sports a USB and ST4-type auto guider port. 6.5-foot cables for both are included in the box. The underside of the camera has one 1/4-20 thread in its center, and four M4 threads evenly spaced around the outside edge. 

The 2-inch interface has M42X0.75 internal threads.

The nosepiece has standard M42 to 1.25-inch connections and rounds out the package.

This camera comes with:
  • 2 m long USB cable
  • 2 m long ST4 guider cable
  • 1.25-inch clear window
  • 150-degree wide-angle lens attachment
  • Driver and Software CD
  • 1.25-inch Manual Filter Wheel
  • 1.25-inch LRGB filter set
  • M42 to 1.25-inch nosepiece
Software on the CD includes:
  • The Users Manual
  • Windows camera driver
  • ASCOM Driver
  • SharpCap Image Capturing Software
  • FireCapture Image Capturing software
  • Stakkert 2 Stacking Software.



  • ASI120MM camera with 1/3-inch CMOS monochrome sensor
  • Filter Wheel/ manual
  • LRGB Filter Set
  • M42 to 1.25-inch nosepiece
  • 2 m long USB cable
  • 2 m long ST4 guider cable
  • 1.25-inch window
  • Driver and Software CD