ZWO ASI 1034 Color CMOS Telescope Camera - DISCONTINUED -

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ZWO ASI 1034 Color CMOS Telescope Camera - DISCONTINUED -

The ASI1034MC is the newest color astronomy camera from ZWO. The heavy-duty aluminum housing. which is small and lightweight (2.4-inch x 1.1-inch at 0.22-pound!), comes with a standard T2 adapter, and has M42 x 0.75 internal threads, making it easy to attach to your telescope. The underside of the camera has a 1/4 inch screw and four (4) M4 screws. The camera connects to your computer via its USB 2.0 port.

Inside the camera, housing is a 1/4 inch CMOS sensor, with a 5.6 microns pixel array of 728 x 512. Several resolutions are supported, giving you a choice of frame rates. Here is a list of supported resolutions:

  • 728 x 512 @ 95FPS
  • 640 x 480 @ 110 FPS
  • 480 x 320 @ 200 FPS
  • 320 x 320 @ 335 FPS
  • 364 x 256 @ 95 FPS BIN2



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    • Is it possible to remove IR CUT filter and install custom one/narrowband filter or get full spectrum ability?

      The IR filter can be removed by removing the optical window. The manufacturer sells an AR coated clear window that lets through much more UV and lots of NIR, but this is a custom order and can take time to get in to stock. It might be easier to remove t

    • Can this camera be used as an autoguider? If yes what would be the max magnitude for a star to be detected with a 8" telescope and off-axis guider? I binning supported? Thanks Michel

      Michel, The ZWO can not be used as an autoguider you would have to go to a camera like the ZWO ASI120S to have one with the ST4 autoguider port. If you're using it mostly as an autoguider, get the monochrome because it's more sensitive than the color ve

    • does this camera film real-time, or is it only still frames and/or time-lapses?

      The ZWO ASI1034 is capable of doing real time, still frame, and time lapse

    • Hi I am thinking of this for my brother who is an avid astronomer - what else is required to use this item.

      Sandra, I have the same camera and if you're brother is going to do planetary imaging with his telescope, depending on what telescope he might have, a 2x or 3x Barlow might be helpful to get the right image scale. Other than that, he would need a lapto

    • What software works with this imager, is it included? Also what is needed extra to control from PC?

      Hello Rick, Thank you for your question. Drivers with image capture software is included with this camera so it can be run from a PC right out of the box.

    • Would this work well with the PST solar telescope? If not, could you suggest another?

      I have a PST myself and it is difficult to reach focus with it with most cameras. My PST has an available back focus of around 13mm, and most cameras are closer to 15mm with the nosepiece attached. Other people have not had an issue, so there is some vari