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ZWO 31mm HA Filter - 7nm

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  • Bandwidth: 7nm
  • Wavelength: 656nm
  • Type: Hydrogen Alpha
  • Size: 31mm


ZWO 31mm HA Filter - 7nm

The H-Alpha Narrowband filter transmits only H-Alpha wavelength light, which is found in most nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, and stars. This makes these filters ideal for complex false color imaging of such regions. H-Alpha filters such as this one are excellent for boosting contrast and are most definitely a must have for imaging in areas with high levels of light pollution. This particular H-Alpha filter has a bandwidth of 7nm. Unmounted, this filter will fit into filter wheels made to accept 31mm filters.

OPT Product Number: ZWO-HA7-31MM


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WavelengthPasses light at 656nm