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ZWO 2-Inch UV-IR Cut Filter

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  • IR-cut Filter
  • 2-Inch Cell


    ZWO 2-Inch UV-IR Cut Filter

    The ZWO 2-Inch UV-IR  Cut Filter is suitable for a color camera with an AR protection window.

    The IR-Cut filter blocks UV and IR wavelengths from reaching the sensor of CCD or CMOS cameras.When imaging, the addition of this filter will result in sharper images, and when using for solar observations, it will protect your H-alpha filter from damaging IR radiation.

    Infrared or IR light is invisible to the human eye, so it is not a concern when you are using your telescope visually. However, when you add a camera to the mix, it's a whole other story. Unlike the human eye, a silicon sensor is very sensitive to light in the infrared portion of the spectrum, and that is a problem because infrared images are blurry as all get out. That means your nice, sharp visual light image is degraded by the addition of the infrared layer. This problem can easily be solved by blocking the infrared, and the ZWO IR-Cut filter will do just that.

    ZWO 2-Inch UV-IR  Cut Filter-graph

    The ZWO IR-Cut filter is housed in a 2-inch cell. The filter comes with a protective plastic case.


    Filter Thickness1.9 mm
    Filter TypeLuminance
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    • ZWO 2-Inch UV-IR Cut Filter
    • Protective plastic case