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Zapsteel Flop Stopper

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Zapsteel Flop Stopper

Zapsteel Flop Stopper

The Zapsteel Flop Stopper is a tool meant to stabilize mirror shift while focusing as well as to eliminate mirror flop entirely. It's an upgraded update of an older design, with durable and adaptable design philosophy playing a strong hand in it's creation and design. The Mirror Shaft Guide's are highly durable, and the threading is made of versatile, high strength materials. Furthermore, the Flop Stopper was designed with permanent installation in mind- but with it's innovative design, it's simple and easy to use to lock your mirror into place solidly.

Indeed- there's no need for any special tools or disassemble to install or uninstall the Flop Stopper; just slide it in or out. The materials in use are anodized black platinum and solid stainless steel- clearly, the Zapsteel Flop Stopper was designed to endure! It comes with a CD Containing PDF instructions on how to install and make use of it which should be more than sufficient to answer any further questions you may have.

Zapsteel Product Number: FLOP



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Samuel P.
United States

Visit Show room, pick-up items...

Good process, to bad you will be moving and not have a show room... Hope your new place in Carlsbad works...I know it is overhead, but would be nice to have a small showroom where we can come and see you from time to time...

Joe R.
United States

Stop the flop! Mirror stabilizers that work

Anyone that has done imaging with the large C14 knows how troublesome the moving primary mirror can be. Tracking within 1” accuracy will show the slightest movement in the primary mirror when it flops on the baffle tube. Even a fraction of a millimeter is noticeable. The Zapsteel Flop Stoppers utilize the same mechanical design that are in the EdgeHD locks and while they don’t completely eliminate mirror flops it will make it much more tolerant. Mind you the Flop Stoppers will do nothing to eliminate focus shift but if you lock down the mirror and use a crayford on the rear cell you’ll find that to be a useable setup. For Hyperstar imaging that cannot use an OAG these are essential for the C14.