Warren Keller IP4AP- Photoshop Foundations - DVD Tutorial Video

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Warren Keller IP4AP- Photoshop Foundations - DVD Tutorial Video

Warren Keller IP4AP- Photoshop Foundations - Superdisk

IP4AP was created for Astrophotographers of all skill levels. There are many resources for learning Image Processing, but we believe these techniques are best taught - Visually! Let "Photoshop Foundations - Superdisk" be your guide to the easy and fun way to learn the most sought after techniques in Astro-Imaging.

Unleash the power of Adobe Photoshop on your Astro-Images! You've made a large investment in equipment - Now make a small one and learn the secrets of producing stunning Astrophotographs. IP4AP has produced three series of quality videos called Photoshop Foundations Basics, Photoshop Foundations Intermediate Part-1 and Part-2 The Five Ss. They'll convince you.... Visual learning is the easy and fun way to go!

While recorded in CS2, All of the processing concepts demonstrated in the series are valid through the latest version of Photoshop CS. 'The Kitchen' tutorial of Photoshop Foundations Intermediate Part-2 The Five Ss addresses the major changes. Of course, Photoshop will continue to be improved, and the look of the UI workspace will change as well, though this is largely cosmetic.

The most significant change as of CS4 is the institution of the Adjustments Panel. Whenever Warren demonstrates the use of Duplicate Layers in CS2, be advised that most adjustments can now be done in more efficient Adjustment Layers via the new Panel. Additionally, the new Mask Panel is conveniently placed right beside it.

If you've ever been dazed and confused at the thought of doing Astro-Imaging and Processing, don't be! Everyone learns differently - Some people are great at reading instructions, others learn through trial and error, and many learn best by being able to actually "see" how something is done. That's the secret behind IP4APƒ???????????s "Image Processing For Astrophotography - Superdisk". Let's take a look at how the system works...

High-Quality Scripted Tutorials - Let's face it, your time is valuable. You've made a large investment in imaging equipment and you want tutorials that get to the point. Every IP4AP Flash movie is carefully written to get you there in 5-minutes! IP4AP prides themselves on thorough research and professional production.

This is where to begin! Adobe Photoshop Basics walks you through Photoshop step-by-step, with an emphasis on Astrophotography.

Twenty-one Video Tutorials comprise this first series of IP4AP's Visual Learning System. Adobe Photoshop Basics teaches the mechanics of Photoshop for image processors of all skill levels. Learn to navigate Photoshop more effectively with titles like Setting and Preferences, Photoshop Workspace, Navigation, We Want Information, The Histogram, History, We Want Actions, Channels, Layers and More Layers, Channels I-III and Menus I-VI.

Photoshop Foundations Intermediate Part-1: Photoshop Foundations Intermediate Part-1 takes you to the next level of mastering Astrophotography, building on the lessons of the Basics Series.

Here you'll learn more in another 12 video lessons whose titles and subjects include:

1. "The Nature of the Beast" - What's your chosen ƒ???????????photon capture deviceƒ???????????. See how the nature of your 'beast' affects Post Processing.

2. The Assembly Line - Learn the easiest method of assembling an L-R-G-B.

3. Luminance - Begin using the power of non-linear Curves to bring out the full tonal range of your photographs.

4. UFI - An introduction to Uneven Field Illumination due to light gradients and natural vignetting.

5. Avy Agee Radial - Demonstrates the repair of Vignetting using the Radial Gradient Tool.

6. Avy Agee II - Demonstrates the repair of Uneven Field Illumination using the Subtraction Method.

7. Avy Agee III - Demonstrates the repair of a Linear Gradient using the Linear Gradient Tool.

8. Avy Agee IV - Demonstrates the repair of a severe Light Pollution Gradient using GradientXTerminator.

9. Dangerous Curves - A master class in those intimidating Curves.

10. Curve Confidence - Pick up speed on Curves with new found confidence.

11. DDP The Digital Development Process - A Quick Start into Postprocessing, and

12. Recap - Review of Part 1, and Introduction to Photoshop Foundations Intermediate Part 2 The Five Ss.

Photoshop Foundations Intermediate Part-2 The Five Ss: Photoshop Foundations Intermediate Part-2 is the conclusion of the Foundations series giving you all the tools you need to bring out the best in your Astro-Images. Now the level has been turned up a notch. Are you ready? Of course you are!

You've followed along step-by-step and here's the next set: PS-0 How to get the most out of this series with the Camtasia Flash Player - Intermediate Part-2 was created with Camtasia. This tutorial demonstrates the features of Camtasia - please watch this first so you will get the maximum benefits from this series. PS-1 Introduction to Photoshop Foundations Intermediate Part-2 The Five Ss - A tour of the universe set to beautiful music, sets the stage for the next adventure in mastering Astrophotographic Processing. PS-2 The Kitchen - Like a great meal, a great image is only as good as the chef, but also only as good as 'the kitchen'. Warren discusses the Photoshop Working Space, Monitor Calibration, and the innovations of CS3 and CS4. PS-3 Color - The methodology and philosophy of today's Chrominance with Monochrome and One-Shot CCDs (DSLR too!). PS-4 Color Bias - Understanding and Eliminating the preliminary threat to beautiful color. PS-5 Color Balance - With Bias eliminated, the subtle nuances of achieving perfect color balance are discussed. PS-6 Color Saturation - The first of The Five Ss- Saturating. The latest methods for achieving rich, beautiful color are discussed. PS-7 Selecting-1 - Learn the Secrets of Selecting through the use of Masks to effect changes only where they are wanted! Conceal-All Masks are covered. PS-8 Selecting-2 - Threshold Masks. PS-9 Selecting-3 - Reveal-All and Inverted Masks. PS-10 Stretching - Having covered Curves extensively, we look at the Shadow/Highlight command as a powerful, nonlinear manipulator of the histogram. PS-11 Sharpening-1 - The philosophy and methodology of Sharpening. Learn Photoshop's powerful sharpening filters to bring out fine detail- Unsharp Mask, Smart Sharpen, and Edge Sharpening. PS-12 Sharpening-2 - The High Pass Filter, Focus Magic and other Plugins, Deconvolution, Wavelets, and Selective Sharpening. PS-13 Sharpening-3 - Dust Lane Enhancement, and Star Removal are demonstrated. PS-14 Stars-1 - Make these forgotten 'stars' shine! Beautiful stars with Star Shaping, Shrinking, and Softening. PS-15 Stars-2 - Further enhance these beauties with Local Saturating and Sharpening. Also covers fixing Trailed Stars. PS-16 Smoothing - Noise Reduction filters are covered, including Reduce Noise, Neat Image, Despeckle, etc. PS-17 Saving - Yes, another 'S'! Saving for Archive, Web, Print Preparation, Resampling, NIK Sharpener, etc. PS-18 Bonus - Information on excellent Plugins, New Photoshop Tricks and Tips. An introduction to the Next Series- 'S/N' (not Signal/Noise- Soup to Nuts!). Next round we'll use (Included) Master Files and take them from Preprocessing to Postprocessing to Printing! Look for that at OPT in the near future!

MSB-Astroart: IP4AP extended their Visual Learning System to MSB-Astroart - a powerful Capture and Processing program. With a focus on One-Shot-Color cameras, the latest series shows you how to Reduce and Preprocess your Raw files, preparing them for Postprocessing in Adobe Photoshop. Users of Monochrome CCDs will also benefit from the series. The series begins with a series of 5 lessons that takes you through all aspects of Preprocessing with Astroart 3.0. Six videos cover Astroart 4.0's improvement.

As always, Warren's scripted content and high production values give you more information for your money- no wasted minutes as in 'off the cuff' presentations.

But don't just take our word for it... You can take a look at some sample quality files we've made up special just for you. These are just to give you an idea of what you can find on these very affordable and highly touted tutorials - a chance to check out Warrenƒ???????????s teaching style! Visit the "Articles" tab to the left and download the pdf files exclusive to OPT for some quick tips not found on the disk. Still want more? Then you can take a video tour, too! See why "Image Processing for Astrophotography" Visual Learning System works so well!

Warren Keller IP4AP- Photoshop Foundations - Superdisk Features...

  • Easy to understand lessons are broken into 5-10 minute segments for learning at your leisure.
  • Video referencing allows you to experience what a program does by walking the user through each click-by-click function.
  • Self-pacing tutorials permit the user to repeat lessons or return at anytime for a refresher course.
  • Pause the tutorial and try what youƒ???????????ve learned on your own images!
  • Learn the art of Astrophotographic Post-Processing beginning with the Basics and progress at your own pace.
  • Master Photoshop's tools and create your own works of "space art"!

Warren Keller IP4AP- Photoshop Foundations - Superdisk Reviews...

"The reason I'm writing is to Thank You for your great Tutorials on your Web-site. I wish there were more. I'm 64 years old. I've been a Stargazer most of my life, but since my Kids are grown, now I have the time and the money to persue this Avocation avidly and as I never could before. Now that there is even the possibility of a total non-photographer like me being sucessful at it, I'm up for a Go. Your Tutorials on processing images are fantastic. I'm sure they will cut thru a lot of trial and error for me. Thanks for the Help!" -- Lee Paul

"I enjoyed viewing your Astrophotos. Great job! I appreciate the time you put into the tutorials. I'm new to Astrophotography and know very little about Photoshop. I have a Nexstar NS-11 and a Canon D10 camera. I'll be using your tips shortly. I'm also in the first stage of building my own observatory. I have my pier already in place. Thanks Again."-- Mark

"Richard Harris here from LXD55.com, LXD75.com, LX200.net, and ScopeTrader.com. Iƒ???????????ve visited BillionsandBillions and reviewed some of your video tutorial work there, great job! Iƒ???????????m curious if you would be interested in doing some work for ScopeTrader in the same area.ScopeTrader is a highly visited Amateur Astronomy web recourse with over 500,000 hits every month. Let me know if you are interested." -- Richard Harris

"Thank you for the outstanding tutorial on Curves! You are a gifted instructor indeed, as you readily reduce complicated concepts to easily-understood concepts. Clear skies." -- Dennis Persyk

"Wow, I LOVED your tutorials!! There is soooooooo much to learn! We're new owners of an ETX-90 (actually it's my 10 year old son's) and think we will be trying our hand at some photography. Regards,"-- Gary and the Huntress family

"Great job, Warren. Very good introduction to digital processing. Thank you," -- Paul Verhoost- Belgium

"Hello, I recently found your photoshop tutorials on Mike Weasner's site and was wondering if you had any CDs for sale. I've been trying to learn photoshop with little success but your tutorials are very easy to undestand and was hoping you might have something available. Thanks." -- Gary Greaser

"I really like your tutorials on your site about PS and astronomy. Regards," -- Gert Jan Scheffer

"Bloody awesome Tuts !I love It ! this is so valuable to have You just have to put a DVD together along the same theme of " learning the art of processing" As I look around the different forums at newbies images, I see that we all fall into the same traps. Even though we read the same books (R. Wodaski.eg) none of It really starts to sink in until someone goes over It with you. I think that your Tutorials are the key to a quick and easy way of understanding what we are looking at when looking at the data . Also now that I think of It,being able to present a respectable image with minimal fuss ! I can see this being the difference of some newbies sticking with It or giving It up ! Also let me add that I think you have a great voice for narrating these tuts. Anyway as you can see I'm rapped ! so looking forward to more. Warren please send me your Paypal account I want to send you a little something for your time. I'm not rich so sorry It won't be much but I am grateful for your time and effort you put into these tutorials. Cheers," -- Louie Atalasidis

"I've really been enjoying the tutorials. Thank you both for making a ton of knowledge available for a modest price. Regards," -- Robert Hertel

"I thought the tutorials were very well done. I've been in the education business for over 18 years and your approach is one that works very well. I appreciated your sense of humor and the tutorials are about the right length. Thanks," -- Steve Smith

"I have really enjoyed the next round of tutorials so much so I have just paid for the rest. Looking forward to going through these as well. Great stuff well done. Best wishes rgds," -- Chis Traher- SMAP LTD

"Well it's new moon this weekend and it's going to be cloudy but at least this time, I don't mind at all!! I am looking forward to learning more about Photoshop!! These are absolutely great. I wish you guys great success and if I can help in any way, let me know. Thanks so much!!" -- Mike Savo

"I just finished to review your DVD for the 2nd time (Basic and Intermediate): now I need the new one! I read the topics that will be covered and that is exactly what I need now (as if you didn't know!). However, congrats man: it is a great series of tutorials." -- Luca Valentini

"Thanks for your detailed and informative email recently received. I took your advice and signed up with astrophotoinsight. I must commend you on your excellent IP4AP series and its associated humour! I look forward to part 2 and hope that it will be up and running soon."-- Martin

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your PS Basics & PS Intermediate Tutorials. Before your tutorials I felt overwhelmed when I tried to use Photoshop, but now I feel that I have a much better understanding of the software. I was wondering if you had any guesstimate on when additional PS tutorials would be available? Thanks," -- Mike Canfield

"Thanks again Warren: just about to dive into the intermediate series. Again, it's been an enormous help." -- Dr. Bill Caspe

"Warrenƒ???????????First, I would like to thank you for all the help you provide to budding astrophotographers. I will be purchasing your PhotoShop tutorials soon. I have PS CS and I have been self learning and using Jerry Lodigrussƒ??????????? PS for Astrophotographers for a year or so. I love your sample tutorials and find your approach to teaching superior to any other. Thanks for your help." --Dave Vosgien Southington, Ct.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your tutorials. They rule! When I get more proficient, I'll contact you about some one on ones." -- Matt

"Having had a couple of sessions with Warren covering essential facts about sophisticated usage of AstroArt and Photoshop was like leading me out of the dark basement of astrophotography into the highlighted groundfloor and further up; guys and I can tell You this is a highrise building and Warren is the perfect guide. Warren, thanks for enriching my knowledge about digital processing! You really made my day." -- Dr. Dietmar Hager- Austria - APOD and Universe Today Imager

"Great Photoshop tutorials. Warren is a gifted teacher and communicator." --Stephen Leshin- APOD imager

Warren Keller IP4AP Product Number: IP4AP-V1/2


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A great set of tutorials

Warren does an excellent job of explaining image processing to the amateur astronomer. His tutorials start out with the basics, and he moves on to the more advanced techinques. You'll find that this tutorial captures all of the necessary information and then presents it in a easy to understand format. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced imager, you'll definately want to get IP4AP. Highly recommended!!! Be sure to have your computer nearby so that you can try out all of the tips and tricks Warren will show you.