William Optics Saddle Plate/Dovetail Combo

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William Optics Saddle Plate/Dovetail Combo


The Saddle Plate & Dovetail Combo is an ingenious device that fits many telescope and mount combinations. The entire combo weights 3.329-pounds (1510 grams).

The Saddle Plate will fit the following mounts: Losmandy GM-8 and G-11, the Takahashi EM-10 and EM-200, the Astro-Physics EQ-900 and EQ-1200, and the William Optics GT-1 & GT-1HD. 




Saddle Plate with Dimensions

The Dovetail will fit all William Optics telescopes, as well as several Tele Vue and Takahashi models. The specifications for the dovetail can be seen in the photo below. Call OPT (1-800-483-6287) if you have questions regarding this dovetail for your specific set-up.



Dovetail with Dimensions

William Optics Product Number: WA-Dovetail-Saddle-Combo




Free ShippingYes
ManufacturerWilliam Optics
Plate TypeDovetail/Saddle Combo
Plate Width"D" Series (4")
Warranty2 Year Warranty