Vixen AXD Half-Pillar Tripod

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Vixen AXD Half-Pillar Tripod

Vixen AXD Half-Pillar Tripod

The new Vixen AXD telescope half-pillar was designed specifically for the Vixen AXD mount. Rock steady, solid construction melds perfectly with your astrophotography needs. Includes Vixen Five Year Warranty!

The Vixen AXD Mount Half-Pillar is a cutting edge, very new product and detailed information is not yet available. As of now, it would appear the half pillar adds an additional 8" in height over the original tripod and weighs approximately 4 lbs. more.

Vixen Product Number: 36915


Accessory TypeTripod
Leg LengthNot supplied by manufacturer
Leg TypeTripod
Maximum Leg Length 60"
Minimum Leg Length 36"
Warranty5 Year Warranty
Weight of Tripod/MonopodNot supplied by manufacturer


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  • Hi there, Is the AXD Half-Pillar compatible with the "old" New Atlux Mount and the Aluminium Vixen Tripod ? Thank you for support. Kind regards Lothar Konle

    Lothar, I checked with Vixen and The AXD half pillar does not fit on the old New Atlux mount. The Atlux has a much smaller receiving hole than the AXD. Thanks., Steve