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Vixen Metal Pillar Tripod - P85WT

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Vixen Metal Pillar Tripod - P85WT

Vixen Metal Pillar Tripod

The Vixen Metal Pillar Tripod (Model P85WT) is your heavy-duty solution for a fixed height platform. This sturdy pillar tripod works great with the Vixen GP and GPD2 mounts! If you're taller than average, adding a Vixen Metal Pillar to your observing routine means you'll be in a more convenient observing position. What's more, the pillar design allows longer refractor users more freedom of movement by preventing binding the telescope tube against conventional tripod legs.

Worried about travel? Don't be. This incredibly sturdy Vixen Metal Pillar Tripod's stabilizing three legs come off for easy transport. Each one has a leveling screw to for quick and easy set-up.

Vixen Product Number: 25172