Vixen VC200L Modified Cassegrain w/ Sphinx SX2 Mount & Star Book One

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Vixen VC200L Modified Cassegrain w/ Sphinx SX2 Mount & Star Book One

Vixen VC200L Modified Cassegrain Telescope

This Vixen VC200L 8" f/9 Cassegrain Telescope is a highly corrected telescope specifically modeled for astrophotography. It features a unique catadioptric design with a highly accurate sixth order aspherical primary mirror, convex secondary mirror, and triplet corrector lens. In lieu of hooks, the primary mirror is held in place by a retaining ring in order to reduce flare and enhance contrast.

Vixen's VISAC system, an abbreviation for Vixen's Sixth-Order Aspherical Cassegrain, yields high definition stellar images to the edge of a wide field of view and allows for especially superior performance in astro-imaging. Stars will remain sharp (smaller than 15 micrometers) even at the fringe of larger 35mm film format CCD chips. As this is less than the resolution of many first-rate CCD cameras, the telescope will not affect the quality of the image. Thanks to its intricate aspherical optical design, this instrument attains excellent image correction completely through the large illuminated field (42mm diameter fully illuminated). Includes Vixen's Dual-Speed Focuser and compression ring.

Vixen Sphinx SX2 Equatorial Mount and Star Book One Controller

Introducing the new Vixen Sphinx SX2 Equatorial Mount, the latest in a long line of acclaimed Sphinx Mounts. In spite of its high precision mechanics, using the SX2 mount is not complicated. Includes the new Star Book One hand controller that will allow you to track celestial objects with little effort.

Star Book One Functions:

  • Celestial, Solar, Lunar, and King's Rate Tracking
  • Slewing speeds variable from 0.1x to 999x sidereal
  • Backlash compensation
  • Periodic Error Correction
  • Autoguider port
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Direction keys
  • Red LED light

Easy Secure Setup: The Sphinx SX2 Equatorial Mount can be assembled quickly. Tripod attachment requires only a single bolt. Both novice and veteran hobbyists will enjoy this mount's mobility, its simple to operate controller, its ability to download forthcoming upgrades straight to the controller, and the assortment of optical tubes that can be employed using Vixen's universal dovetail plate.

Unique Motor Layout: RA and DEC motors are internally placed, allowing them to behave like a built in counterweight. Extra counterweights are not necessary for smaller telescopes.

Retractable Counterweight Shaft: The counterweight shaft is made of rust-proof stainless steel and retracts into the Sphinx mount body for painless storage.

Vixen Product Number: 25077DS

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