Vixen Universal Digital Camera

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Vixen Universal Digital Camera

Vixen Universal Digital Camera

This Digital Camera adapter can be used to intermediate between your telescopes eyepiece and your digital camera to enable photography of the moon, the planets, and the brighter deep sky objects. When used in conjunction with photo stacking software programs, this enables you to create beautiful and incredible deep sky images of thousands of objects! This model is designed to telescope or eyepiece having a visual back within the range of 28mm to 45mm. It is also equipped with vertical and horizontal slow motion screws. Finally, it is not recommended to use this with long relief eyepieces.

Vixen Universal Digital Camera: Features

  • Required Camera Height: Height from bottom of camera to center of lens is between 1" - 3.7" (25mm and 95mm)
  • Required Camera Length: Length from head of lens to the 1/4"-20 thread hole on bottom is between 1.1"-2.4" (30mm and 62mm)
  • Required Camera Width: The width between center of lens and thread is no more than 50mm

Manufacturer Product Number: 39197