Vixen Sun Projection Screen Set B

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Vixen Sun Projection Screen Set B

Vixen Sun Projection Screen Set B

This Solar Viewing system is designed relatively simply- you set up the scope, attach the solar projection screen, and look at the screen to see what the telescope is picking up while it's pointed at the sun! A simple way around the inherent danger of solar viewing- projecting the image onto a screen rather than looking directly at the sun. This model is made to work with Vixen's A80M Refractor, ED103S Refractor, ED115S Refractor and AX103S Refractor telescopes. The set includes a 24cm diameter sun projection white screen and sunshade, 64mm, 55mm, and 45mm DC rings, eyepiece adapter 36.4mm to 31.7mm and 36.4mm extension tube. Recommended magnification is 40x to 60x for views of the complete sun.

Manufacturer Product Number:37224