Vixen Starbook Ten Controller

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Vixen Starbook Ten Controller

Vixen Starbook Ten Controller

This is Vixen's newest hand held computerized hand held controller for use with their Sphinx Mounts, and a high quality example of it's kind it most certainly is! The controller's High Definition Full Color LCD screen is astonishingly clear, it's 5" screen showing information in a fashion both beautiful and clearly visible- and it can be switched to a monochromatic red light to help your eyes acclimatize to the darkness of a late night viewing session, if you'd prefer that over a full color LCD screen, without any sacrifice of quality or clarity! The phased star charts and many other useful features inbuilt into the Starbook Ten are all designed to be intuitive as possible, making them accessible and useful to astronomers of all levels- whether you're a beginner or a pro, you'll find the Starbook Ten simple and easy to use! With a CPU processing speed five times that of earlier models of the Starbook, this is a lightning fast upgrade of earlier products from Vixen of the same kind, making it a simple matter to enjoy clear and smooth star chart navigation. One of the features of the Vixen Starbook Ten Controller include a Hibernation Mode that allows you to break and restart your automatic slewing and tracking of the AXD mount by just flipping the power switch, if the mount is still in place, without loosening the R.A. and DEC clamp levers. Another is how the controller automatically accounts for the different required tracking rates for objects- taking into account the difference between tracking, say, the stars and the moon- or comets, the sun, or anything else you care to observe! Furthermore, the Starbook Ten has a menu to find and track artificial satellites by entering the orbital elements of the satellites, within which the ISS and named satellites are pre-registered.

Manufacturer Product Number: 36919