Vixen R200SS with Coma Corrector 3 Bundle

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  • Vixen R200SS with Coma Corrector 3 Bundle

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    Vixen R200SS with Coma Corrector 3 Bundle

    Vixen R200SS - 8" Newtonian Reflector Telescope

    The remarkably fast 200mm (8") f/4 parabolic primary mirror of the Vixen R200SS Newtonian reflector gives extremely sharp images with no chromatic aberration. The use of state-of-the-art coating technology yields the ideal surface for its f/4 primary mirror. The visual observer will enjoy wide views of deep sky objects. Actual groups of nebula or clusters can be viewed at the same time with this instrument.

    The telescope's large aperture and compact body make it ideally suited for astrophotography of nebulae, star clusters and comets. The use of the optional coma corrector allows for a sharp coma-free image from edge to edge, and the included dual speed focuser is great for fine-focus observing and imaging.

    Vixen R200SS - 8" Newtonian Reflector Telescope Features

    • 800mm focal length operating at a fast f/4 focal ratio for a wide, true field of view.
    • Multi-coated optics for bright, crisp images.
    • Impressive resolving power of 0.63" and limiting stellar magnitude of 13.3.
    • Optical tube assembly weighs only 11.68 pounds.

    The product images may show optional equipment, like the 7X50 finder and bracket, and the eyepiece. This OTA comes with the tube rings, a carry handle, and a compression ring for the focuser.

    Save big when you buy the R200SS with the Coma Corrector 3. Discounted by $400 from standard retail pricing!

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    • Is there any data available about off-axis aberrations?

      According to Vixen Japan: “The size of an image circle (60% illumination at the edge of field of view) for the R200SS with coma corrector is 48.8mm (or 3.5 degrees).“ This does not touch on the optical aberrations, but if they note a 48.8mm image circle t

    • Based on the telescope's manual at the Vixen website, this telescope needs an optional adapter to use 2" eyepieces. Is that adapter included in this bundle?

      Unfortunately, the Vixen 2" adapter is not included with the bundle. The VX-3725 2" adapter can be found right here:

    • I have two more questions: How big is the secondary obstruction? I assume the very low weight (11.7 lbs) does not include the rings, how heavy are they?

      The secondary obstruction appears to be about 65mm, and the rings and dovetail add approximately 3 lbs to the scope.