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Vixen Polarie Heavy Loading Kit w/o Polar Scope

SKU : VX-35529C

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Product Details

  • This Polarie Heavy Loading Kit without Polar Scope from Vixen has everything that you'll need to start astro-imaging at high magnification, with the use of a heavier camera or small telescope. You can take amazing photographs of the night sky with the gear in this kit! It is usable in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Take a look at all of the great pieces that comprise this Vixen kit. Camera, Polarie, Polar Scope, and Tripod sold separately.

    Polarie Multi-Mounting Block

    This accessory allows you to mount a Vixen dovetail to your Polarie, in turn enabling the camera to balance and mounting your polar scope inside. This Multi Mounting Block replaces the camera mounting block that is originally supplied with the Polarie Star Tracker. The optional Dovetail Slide Bar DD (#35525) allows photography with heavy equipment in an optimum balance around the rotating axis, which maximizes your payload up to approximately 14.3 lbs! This block is constructed to permanently install the optional Polarie polar scope PFL II (#35532) for immediate and precise polar alignment.

    Dovetail Slide Bar DD

    This dovetail plate is designed to mount cameras through ball-head and the like. The new optional Quick Release Panorama Clamp (#35527) or commercially available camera mount (1/4") can be attached on both ends. You can achieve more precise and stable tracking if the balance around the rotating axis is optimally adjusted upon sliding the plate. Heavy equipment, such as a full-format DSLR camera with telephoto lens can be balanced in combination with the optional supplementary counterweight bar (#25826) and counterweight (#25801).

    Polar Fine Adjustment Unit for Polarie

    The Polar Fine Adjustment unit can be used to make fine adjustments for your Polarie's polar alignment or any small head. You will be able to use the Polarie on a normal tripod with this accessory. Settings are: +/- 15 degrees and one rotation of a thumbscrew is 5.7 degrees. It has counter rotating thumbscrews to make minute adjustments and will mount to a 1/4-20 or 3/8" tripod head. It comes with the 3/8" adapter and a tool to change them. Top mounting is a quick release 1/4-20.

    Polarie Quick Release Angle Plate

    This quick release angle bracket is an "L"-shaped plate, used to hold a DSLR camera body both in vertical and horizontal positions. The bracket has a significant advantage over the ball head in stability because the camera can be set closer to the center of gravity, preventing the camera from shifting or moving. This plate is designed to be used with the Quick Release Panorama Clamp. Cameras or telescopes can be attached with a 1/4" screw socket.

    Polarie Quick Release Panorama Clamp

    The panorama clamp has a low profile design that mounts a DSLR camera in the position with a low center of gravity. You cannot use this product by itself and is designed to be used in combination with the Vixen dovetail slide bar DD and the quick release angle plate.

    Attachable Camera Size

    The distance specified by a or b, which is from the side of the camera to the 1/4" screw socket, can vary from 10mm and 90mm.

    Supplementary Counterweight Bar

    In order to use the AP Photo Guider, a camera is attached on one side of the Dovetail Slide Bar PG. In this case, the counterweight is attached on the other side of the Dovetail Slide Bar PG while being attached with the Supplementary Counterweight Bar to balance between the camera and the AP Photo Guider for more stable tracking.

    Advanced Polaris Counterweight

    Machine steeled 1 kg counterweight for Vixen's Advanced Polaris mounts.

  • specifications

    Head DesignEquatorial
    Instrument Capacity14 lb
  • included items

    • Polarie Multi-Mounting Block - #35522
    • Dovetail Slide Bar DD - #35525
    • Polarie Fine Adjustment Unit - #35519
    • Quick Release Angle Plate - #35526
    • Quick Release Panorama Clamp - #35527
    • Counterweight Bar - #25826
    • Counterweight - #25801

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