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Vixen NPL Plossl Eyepiece Package

SKU : VX-39200

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Product Details

  • Vixen NPL Plossl Package
    Like lures in a celestial tackle box, eyepieces serve many purposes and one of the best all-around eyepiece designs for general purpose observations is the four element, two-group plossl. Inside each Vixen NPL is a matching set of doublet lenses - each convex and concave element of the finest glass obtainable for the price sandwiched together with optical perfection.

    From there, the Vixen Plossl is multi-coated to enhance contrast and reduce reflections and sealed into a brushed aluminum and chrome eronomic work of art. From clearly marked focal lengths right down to the added safety edge on the barrel, these plossls are a well thought out design. The large apparent field of view from the symmetrical design gives you an eyepiece that produces an edge-to-edge flat field of view with excellent color correction. Vixen uses only well matched convex and concave lenses to prevent internal reflections, and the quality of the NPL stands head and shoulders above other competing plossl designs offered at a similar price. You'll soon come to value your Vixen Plossls as one of the most used eyepieces in your collection!

    So why not get three of the most popular focal lengths in one package and save? When you buy the Vixen Plossl Eyepiece Package here's what you getting:

    The Vixen 4mm Plossl is a great low power eyepiece for viewing objects such as large star clusters and extended nebula. You'll appreciate this eyepiece and its 4??? field of view for anything that requires less instead of more - such as watching the whole lunar disc during an occultation approach or framing large deep space objects. With its outstanding 36mm of eye relief and twist-up rubber eyeguard, you'll find you'll also enjoy this particular eyepiece as a "sweeper" for locating targets, too! The Vixen NPL 4 weighs 12 grams or 4.23 ounces.

    The Vixen 15mm Plossl makes a great intermediate magnification for many purposes. It has enough power to draw in lunar and planetary details, but not so much as to require perfectly steady skies. With an impressive 5??? field and respectable 11mm of eye relief, the Vixen NPL 15 will also make an outstanding eyepiece to study galaxy details and help resolve larger deep space objects, such as globular clusters. You'll appreciate its crystal clarity and flat field of view! The Vixen NPL 15 weighs 1 grams of 3.53 ounces.

    The Vixen 1mm Plossl eyepiece is the perfect all around size for getting the high magnification you're craving without sacrificing the price of all eye relief. With its outstanding 5??? field of view and 6.5mm of eye relief, you're going to be more comfortable closely studying lunar and planetary details - as well as double stars - than with most inferior eyepieces in this magnification range. Vixen's carefully matched set of doublets means ultimate contrast and no internal reflections - a quality that double star, lunar, planetary and solar observers will very much appreciate! The Vixen 1mm NPL Plossl weighs 12 grams or 4.23 ounces.

    Now combine all of this with Vixen's own custom multi-pocketed fanny pack to keep your collection clean, safe and handy... and you're ready for anything!

    Vixen NPL Plossl Eyepiece Package Features
    • Exceptional quality and value for general purpose use.
    • Above average field of view yields crystal clear images.
    • Shorter focal lengths are perfect for lunar and planetary work.
    • Longer focal lengths provide outstanding deep sky views.
    • Captive edge on barrel to prevent slipping from focuser.
    • Quality manufacturing meant to withstand years of use.
    Vixen Product Number: VX-392
  • specifications

    Warranty5 Year Warranty

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