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Vixen MT-1 RA or Declination Motor Drive

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Vixen MT-1 RA or Declination Motor Drive

Vixen MT-1 Motor Drive

The Vixen MT-1 Motor Drive is a stepping motor driven by a very accurate quartz oscillator. The circuits is designed to keep tracking error within 0.005% of sidereal time.

The Vixen MT-1 Motor Drive is fashioned with a cast aluminum housing and the included dovetail track attaches easily to GP mount.

NOTE: If you want dual-axis drive, you will need two motors. You can change the quantity once you add the product to your shopping cart.

Regarding Important Accessories...

Below you'll find a list of explanations regarding important accessories that may be required for this product. To add them to your order, just click on the "Accessories" tab and choose the appropriate items.

  • Manual Clutch: If you wish to have manual slow-motion control capabilities on either drive, then you will need to add at least one manual clutch to your order. Add two if you want dual-axis manual slow-motion control.

  • If you want to control your motor or motors (important for photography), you will need to add the SD-1 (single-axis) or DD-1 (dual-axis) drive corrector.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Internet Sales Department by email or by phone at 1-800-483-6287. Thanks!

Vixen Product Number: 3752


Accessory TypeSingle Axis Drive
Warranty1 Year Warranty