Vixen High Resolution 1.25" Eyepiece- 1.6mm

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  • Vixen High Resolution 1.25" Eyepiece- 1.6mm

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    Vixen High Resolution 1.25" Eyepiece- 1.6mm

    Vixen High Resolution 1.25" Eyepiece- 1.6mm

    Vixen's new series of High Resolution eyepieces are sure to astound and amaze! Hailed by Bill Paolini, author of Choosing and Using Eyepieces as among the best he has ever used, these new 'HR' eyepieces from Vixen are designed for extremely high power observation of planetary surfaces. These superb pieces of Japanese craftmanship notably outperform many other similarly designed and specialized eyepiece lines when it comes to planetary viewing, and there are many reasons why. One of the reasons is the extremely good Strehl Ratio that these eyepieces possess. As an example, the HR-series maintains more than a 97% Strehl ratio to the edge of the field of view when combined with a Vixen AX103S refractor. In comparison, the ratio is about 90% with the use of a standard LV2.5mm eyepiece. This is extremely good, as Strehl Ratio is a measure of quality of optical image formation. A ratio of 97% is nearly as good as it can possibly get!

    The HR-series works extremely well with the Vixen R200SS telescope due to its high level of ability to correct coma aberration. Even at the edge of the field of view, the HR-series has a 93% Strehl ratio. In comparison the Strehl ratio with use of the LV2.5mm falls rapidly as the viewing object is moved toward the edge of the field of view. The ratio is only 93% at a fifth from the center and 0% at the edge. Conventional eyepiece specifications merely show the performance for when an object is put in the center of the field of view of the eyepiece. As a result, the resolving power declines as you move toward the edge of the field of view- an issue the HR-series was intended to not possess near as much as others. The HR-series are best suited for observing the surface of the moon to extend your view to the entire field of view.

    Another great trait of these eyepieces is that they are made with a simple five element design compared to more common seven or even eight element designs. What this means for you as the user is that the absorption and reflection of light are virtually eliminated, the simple design achieving the highest possible transmission of light. Furthermore, each lens surface is coated with the Vixen-AS-Coating, which achieves a light transmission rate of 99% per lens surface. This combines with the various other features to ensure extremely high contrast images.

    The grooved lens frame construction contributes to the reduction of stray light. The inside of the eyepiece is perfectly threaded and blackened to prevent deterioration of the image from stray light. The inner baffle rings effectively stop any stray light. Even a hint of reflection which might occur on the tip of the sleeve is eliminated.

    Manufacturer Product Number: 37132

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