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Vixen Digital Camera Quick Bracket II

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Vixen Digital Camera Quick Bracket II

Vixen Digital Camera Quick Bracket II

A relatively simple device, this bracket is designed to allow you to rapidly transition between imaging and visual configurations of your astronomy setup without actually removing the Camera. It's usable with both telescopes and spotting scopes, and is in essence a bracket for attaching your camera, that can be quickly moved in and out of the way of the lens to move between using the camera to image, or just having it on standby while you use the normal eyepiece of the scope to engage in simple visual viewing. The quick release knob is what lets you simply swing the camera aside when you're done imaging- just twist the knob and swing the camera to the side, and you're ready to get back to simple visual use- swing it back and re-fasten the knob to get back to imaging whenever you feel like it! It's a very convenient piece of hardware, all in all. It was designed to pinch the barrel of a visual back of 1.4"-2.4" (36mm to 61mm) in diameter, and it is recommended that you use it with eyepieces with long eye relief, to minimize vignetting.

Suitable for use with Camera's fitting into these dimensions:

  • Height from the camera's bottom to the center of the camera lens is between .55 and 1.97" (14mm to 50mm)
  • Distance from the camera's tripod socket to the camera's lens if between .51 and 3.35" (13mm to 85mm)
  • 1/4" tripod socket is less than 2.09"(50mm) from the center of the camera's lens

Manufacturer Product Number: 39196