Vixen Sphinx AXJ Equatorial Mount with STARBOOK TEN

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Vixen Sphinx AXJ Equatorial Mount with STARBOOK TEN

Vixen Sphinx AXJ Equatorial Mount with STARBOOK TEN

Vixen's newest addition to their award winning equatorial mounts is the AXJ Mount. With its large 48.5 lb loading capacity this mount will hold everything you want to put on it. Featuring highly accurate V-PEC (Vixen permanent periodic error correction) of +-4 arc sec, the AXJ mount has a newly incorporated belt drive mechanism that eliminates backlash and noise. The mount includes SXG tripod. The AXD tripod and pillar can be used with the AXJ-TR102 conversion set, Item #36953. 

The AXJ Mount comes with Vixen's STAR BOOK TEN, handheld computer controller. TEN in Japanese means "The Heavens" and this mount will get you there with ease. With observatory quality controls, popular objects appear on the High Definition screen and the AXJ "SEE-TO" Technology shows you the sky before the GO-TO sends you there. With the ability to zoom to any area you can easily find your target object. When you have viewed all 270000 objects, you can enter and save your own discoveries. No computer needed with the STAR BOOK TEN.

The new Astro Imaging capabilities of the STAR BOOK TEN include integrated video imaging and Video Auto Guiding. With the Zoom In feature for guiding and planetary observing, you can lock on an object, capture the image, and save it to stack later. The full metal construction of this observatory quality mount incorporates bronze 135 mm 270 tooth RA Gear and 21 Needle Bearings (13 on RA Axis & 8 on DEC Axis). With all these features and Permanent PEC, Night Vision Mode, and a 270,000 Database the STAR BOOK TEN with the NEW AXJ Mount is a revolutionary design for telescope mounts. Covered by Vixen's 5 Year Warranty and manufactured in Japan .

Image shows the AXJ-TR102 Conversion AD Set