Vixen A81M Refractor Telescope

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Vixen A81M Refractor Telescope

Vixen A81M Refractor Telescope

The A81 is an achromatic Refractor from Vixen that is capable of providing pinpoint detail and precision of stars. Its Achromatic lens is composed of convex crown glass and concave flint glass elements, combined to reduce chromatic aberration and produce bright, stable images. This means that it'll give you a view of the stars as they are, with very little distortion or false color- thus letting you take in the full majesty of the cosmos accurately! It also makes this a good telescope for imaging due to the stability and lack of chromatic aberration. This 3" aperture scope boasts an f-ratio of 11.2, great for high magnification work and deep sky imaging.

Manufacturer Product Number: 26062