Vixen 8.1 Lb. SX Counterweight for Vixen Equatorial Mounts

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Vixen 8.1 Lb. SX Counterweight for Vixen Equatorial Mounts

Vixen 2579 SX Counterweight - 8.1 lbs.

Do you own a Vixen Mount that needs to put on a little weight to counterbalance added accessories like larger eyepieces, diagonals, imaging equipment or more? The check into the Vixen 2579 Counterweight.

Made of machined steel, this 8.1 lb. (3.67 kg) counterweight will fit anything with a 3/4" (19mm) counterweight shaft. The bore widens at the bottom to allow you to slip approximately half the weight over the safety retaining screw, maximizing the useful range while maintaining maximum stability. Compatible with most past-production Vixen German Equatorial mounts.

Vixen Product Number: 2579


Accessory TypeCounterweight
Counterweights 10 lbs.

Questions & Answers

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  • Could you please tell me what the outside diameter of the counterweight is?

    The outer diameter is just under 3.5"

  • What plate or adaptors would be needed to attach a camera to the mount

    This depends on the type of camera and lens chosen. With a normal DSLR, you would normally just need a Vixen style dovetail with 1x 1/4"-20 screw coming up through the dovetail into the bottom tripod mount of the camera. For large lenses and/or cameras,