Vixen 2" Adapter for 60mm Drawtubes

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  • Vixen 2" Adapter for 60mm Drawtubes

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    Vixen 2" Adapter for 60mm Drawtubes

    Vixen 3725 - 2" Eyepiece Adapter for 60mm Drawtubes

    Designed to fit any 60mm focuser drawtube, the Vixen 3725 Eyepiece Adapter will allow standard 2ƒ??????????? eyepieces to be accepted in the barrel-style fitting.

    What's more, it will also allow the use of other 2" barrel accessories, such as a barlow lens or star diagonal.

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    • I recently acquired an old Pentax 75 EDHF. It has a focuser with a 60mm non-threaded inner diameter. I'm wondering if this can be used or does it only thread to scope backs?

      Unfortunately, this adapter only threads onto 60mm Vixen focusers. The actual drawtube ID is 60.2mm on the Pentax 75 EDHF, and a machined adapter from Precise Parts would most likely be needed if you cannot locate one of the old Pentax 60.2mm adapters. Pl

    • Is there any dew controller which is operates on 120VAC? My observatory equipment is all 120 and 12v would be a major step backwards

      I spoke with my technician at OPT who is a certified electrical engineer and he said that 120v dew heaters had been tried in the past and were a really bad idea. A dew heater is effectively an inefficient resistor and a 120v version would leak heat, EMF,

    • In the close up photo of the filter what are the three black spots? Does this filter thread onto the outside objective housing of the Televue TV-85?

      The three black spots are where small filter defects are covered with black marks on the rear side of the filter (facing the scope). These marks do not affect performance of the filter and according to my coworker more familiar with the filter may have be

    • Any chance you might sell an adapter that will enable me to use a Vixen Polarie aside from my Astrotrac?

      No adapter like that is currently available, unfortunately. All of the screwholes that pass up through the wedge top plate into the Astrotrack are smaller than 1/4"-20, so unless an interface adapter is created or one of the holes bored out larger to acce

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