Future Optics Tripod Vibration Suppression Pad Set

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Future Optics Tripod Vibration Suppression Pad Set

Place one of these special rubber disks under each of your tripod legs to help dampen vibrations caused by your interaction with the telescope, or even by people walking around nearby! When a telescope is placed on a wood deck or other raised platform, it is obvious that vibrations will be a problem right away. People walking nearby can result in a very unstable image through your scope, especially at high magnifications. However, most people don't think about vibration problems when set up on the ground. They are less noticeable, as the earth does provide some dampening, but vibrations will still affect your view, or your image if you're doing photography. With the simple addition of a set of vibration suppression pads, you can significantly decrease reverberation.


Accessory TypeVibration Suppression Pads
Free ShippingYes
ManufacturerOptics Future


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  • What is the diameter of these pads?

    Les, The diameter of the pads are three inches. The inner diameter where the tripod legs would sit is two inches.