Future Optics Variable Polarizer Filter Set - 2"

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Future Optics Variable Polarizer Filter Set - 2"

Future Optics Variable Polarizer for 2" Eyepieces

The Future Optics Variable Polarizer is a great tool to have in your astronomy accessory box. Simply screw it onto the end of an 2" eyepiece, and then turn the top filter until the amount of filtering that takes place is pleasing to your eye. A variable polarizer works wonders on the Moon and other bright objects, like the planet Venus. Sometimes the moon is so bright that your eyes are unable to see all but the most obvious details. It can be similar to staring into a headlight, especially when viewing with larger telescopes! A common solution for this problem is the "moon filter". It does what it is supposed to do, but the benefit of a variable polarizer over a standard moon filter is the ability to adjust the brightness level. Therefore, when viewing a full moon you would most likely crank it all the way up, but when viewing a crescent moon, or other objects that are less bright, you can turn the rotating filter until the brightness is dimmed just a little.


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  • What is the range of transmission available with this filter?

    The manufacturer has no stated numbers on the transmission, but from the way a variable polarizing filter works, it will be no more than about 35-40% transmission max and will be around 1-3% transmission at minimum.