Used ZWO Electronic 8 Position Filter Wheel-1.25" - UT-12100 - SOLD

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  • This is a used item in very good condition


Used ZWO Electronic 8 Position Filter Wheel-1.25" - UT-12100 - SOLD

The Electronic 8 Position Filter Wheel- 1.25-inch/ 31 mm Sized by ZWO:


ZWO has a history of producing extremely high value products at a low, affordable cost; and this filter wheel is no different! Providing an easy way to change between various filters in a set with minimal hassle and fuss, this filter wheel has eight separate positions to host eight separate filters of the correct size. A capacity of eight makes this wheel perfect for holding an LRGB set and a narrowband set simultaneously, allowing a wide array of images to be taken in a single night with minimal hassle or fuss! Furthermore, this efficient and smooth wheel has minimized noise and interference, and was designed to have a minimal impact on your imaging train.


ConditionVery good
Warranty Covered by OPT


  • ZWO EFW filter wheel
  • USB cable
  • T to T adapter


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