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Used ZWO ASI 1600MM-Cool (Monochrome) Camera - UT-11233- SOLD

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  • This is a used camera in excellent condition
  • Sensor Type: Monochrome CMOS
  • Read Noise: 1.2e-
  • Pixel Size: 3.8 Microns
  • Pixel Array: 16 Mega Pixels - 4656 x 3520
  • Cooling: 40-45C below Ambient W/ TEC System


Used ZWO ASI 1600MM-Cool (Monochrome) Camera - UT-11233- SOLD

UT-11233: The ASI 1600 from ZWO is one of the finest CMOS cameras available for deep space object (DSO) imaging, and can easily be co-opted for any other kind of astrophotography as well. It boasts a superbly low read noise of 1.2e-, which means that it will gather interference and image glitches at a very slow rate during long exposures, which lets you take longer exposures to capture more data with less risk of distortion. Supporting this read noise is the extremely powerful TEC system, which permits cooling to roughly 40-45 degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature for the entire camera when powered.


ADC12 bit
Back focus6.5mm
Bayer MatrixMonochrome
Camera ConnectionM42x0.75mm
Delta T40°C Below Ambient
Full Rez Frame Rate23fps
Full Well20ke
Max Frame Rate192.4fps
Peak QE60%
Pixel Array4656 x 3520
Pixel Size3.8 microns
Power Consumption12v 2A DC
Read Noise3.6e
Sensor Diagonal22.2mm
Sensor TypeCMOS
SensorPanasonic MN34230
Warranty90 Day


  • ZWO ASI1600 Cooled Camera Body
  • Desiccant tablets packet
  • M42-1.25 inch nosepiece
  • 1.25 inch Cover
  • Desiccant tube
  • 2m-long USB 3.0 cable
  • 2m-long USB 2.0 short cable x2