Used TPO 10" f/8 Ritchey-Chretien Truss Tube Telescope - 11351- SOLD

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  • This is a used telescope in very good condition
  • Aperture: 10 inches (254mm)
  • Focal Ratio: F/8
  • Focal Length: 2032mm
  • Fans to cool mirror


Used TPO 10" f/8 Ritchey-Chretien Truss Tube Telescope - 11351- SOLD

The 10-inch F/8 Ritchey-Chretien Truss Tube OTA from TPO is an all-around excellent scope that boasts incredible versatility, maximizing every inch of its aperture. The fixed position quartz primary mirror utterly negates image shift and also removes the otherwise frustrating task of collimating a scope's primary mirror. Furthermore, the carbon fiber truss tube design drastically reduces the threat of possible temperature shifts causing flexure, the design lending itself to minimizing thermal shifts.

The Ritchey-Chretien design has virtually no coma, chromatic aberration, or spherical aberration, and is an all-around improvement to the Cassegrain while attaining many of the same objectives. The TPO 10 inch F/8 RC then, is a superlative astrograph capable of almost any imaging task. One of the most notable features is indeed its extreme versatility and adaptability. 

This Third Planet Optics (TPO) Ritchey Chretien telescope has 10 inches (254mm) of aperture and a focal length of 2032mm. The concave hyperbolic primary and convex hyperbolic secondary are made from low expansion quartz and finished with a scratch-resistant highly reflective 99% dielectric coating for great contrast. The primary mirror is fixed in place in a metal mirror cell, and the secondary resides in a metal housing that can be collimated.



Aperture 254 MM (10")
ConditionVery good
Focal Length2032mm
Focal Ratiof/8
Optical DesignRitchey Chretien
Warranty90 Day


  • TPO 10" truss-tube RC OTA
  • 3" TPO Crayford style focuser
  • D size dovetail plates

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  • does it come with extender rings for back focus requirements

    The scope comes with three threaded extension rings (one 2" and two 1" in length) which are provided to thread singley or in combination between the 117mm port on the 10" RCT rear cell and the focuser of your choice. 

  • How much does it weigh? Do you think the CGX could handle it with OAG & QHY 8-L?

    The telescope weighs 33.5 lbs., The cgx has a a 55lb weight capacity. This mount will hold this scope and accessories up to the max imaging load of 55lbs. 

  • Is there a focal reducer available for the 10-inch Ritchey?

    There is an option for sensor sizes up to APS-C (crop DSLR format up to ~30mm). The AP-CCDT67 has had very good results with the RC scopes at f/5.3 to f/6 and would cover sensors of this size. The reducer is hosed in a 2" diameter tube with M48 threads

  • Could you please provide the physical dimensions of the OTA in terms of length, width and height. Thank you>

    The TPO 10" RC is 29" long and 18" high with a diameter of 15"

  • Are your scopes the V2 version with the focuser split from the mirror cell?

    Yes the RC scopes we have in stock now are the newer version of the mirror cell.

  • What is the spec on the mirrors on the TPO RC truss (for example 1/10 wave)?

    The manufacturer does not currently state any specification on the optics of the TPO scopes except to claim that they are diffraction limited. Every scope has to pass an inerferogram inspection at the factory, but the results are not publicly listed by t

  • Will this scope fully Illuminate a PL09000?

    Unfortunately not. With the addition of the Teleskop-Service RCKORREKTOR flattener, you can use sensors with a diagonal of up to 45mm maximum, but the PL09000 has a diagonal of 52mm. You would need a telescope with a larger corrected image circle for that

  • Please let me know if you can provide me with the illuminator for the F50M3.

    Hello Wyck, An illuminator that can work with this finderscope is the Rigel Pulsguide Illuminator.

  • Who manufactures this telescope? 

    The TPO line of telescopes is manufactured by GSO in Taiwan.