Used Tele Vue 2X Big Barlow - UT-12281 -SOLD-

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Accessories Added

  • This is a used Big Barlow in excellent condition*
  • Keep your eye relief and enjoy higher magnification!
  • Anti-reflection threaded, with blackened lens edges for high contrast.
  • TeleVue BIG barlow weighs 15 ounces and measures 4.5 inches long.


Used Tele Vue 2X Big Barlow - UT-12281 -SOLD-

UT-12281: Are you looking for a high quality Barlow lens to maintain the great eye relief of your occulars while doubling the magnification? Then the Tele Vue 2X BIG Barlow may be right for you. This 2x BIG Barlow is for your big 2-inch eyepieces and is parfocal for Tele Vue eyepieces as well. The Tele Vue BIG Barlow also comes standard with a 1.25-inch adapter so no eyepiece in your collection is left out.

"Properly designed Barlows do wonderful things. First, they amplify power while retaining the eyepiece's eye-relief. Second, they slow the telescope's f/ratio which improves eyepiece sharpness. Third, the designer can introduce compensations for eyepiece aberrations. Tele Vue's 2-inch 2x BIG Barlow was envisioned as a magnification window. Multi-coated high index glasses assure optimum aberration correction, exceptional contrast and virtually no light loss. Tele Vue Barlows achieve their design goals even when tested by the fastest scopes. They even improve our competitor's eyepieces and telescopes!" --Al Nagler


For eyeglass wearers, the BIG Barlow is perfect for doubling the power while retaining the eye-relief of 2-inch Tele Vue eyepieces such as the 55 mm Plossl, 35 mm, 27 mm Panoptics (requires use of Panoptics Barlow Interface), and 20 mm Nagler Type 2.

The 2X BIG Barlow is also threaded for 48 mm filters and has a captive lock-screw.

The brass clamp rings hold 2-inch eyepieces (or the supplied 1.25-inch adapter) snugly in place...a nice design upgrade! At only 4.5 inches long, the BIG Barlow can be used in most 2-inch diagonals or placed in the focuser before a star diagonal for additional magnification. While this isn't possible with all refractors, the 2-inch focuser on Tele Vue models will require an extension tube to achieve focus. When used in this manner, the magnification increases to 3.3X.

Tele Vue 2X BIG Barlow - 2-Inch Features


ManufacturerTele Vue
Warranty90 Day Covered By OPT


  • Tel Vue 2X Big Barlow non-captive ring model
  • 2" to 1.25' adapter
  • Caps and plastic bolt container. Does not included original box or packaging
  • * This Big Barlow is the earlier non captive ring model *


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