Used STC Astro-Multispectra Clip Filter (Nikon Full Frame) - UT-12849 -SOLD-

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Used STC Astro-Multispectra Clip Filter (Nikon Full Frame) - UT-12849 -SOLD-

STC Astro-Multispectra Clip Filter for Nikon full frame bodies is a novel light pollution filter designed by STC Optics with transmission characteristics designed by professional astronomer and renowned astrophotographer Dr. Wei-Hao Wang. Check out the comparisons below to see how effective the Astro-Multispectra filer is!

Placing the light pollution filter closer to the sensor reduces color shift that may occur at the peripheral areas of the image if front screw-in lens filter is used.

  • Greatly reduce interference from artificial lighting in city
  • Suitable for Nikon full frame DSLR* with camera lens of focal length 14mm or longer
  • Natural colour representation
  • High transmission for astronomical bodies emission
  • Co-developed by STC and Dr. Wei-Hao Wang, a professional astronomer and renowned astrophotographer

* Please refer to compatible camera list below

**Nikon users who will only use the camera with telescopes are encourage to use the 48mm version of STC Astro-Multispectra filter.

  • Clip Filter is designed for Nikon Full-Format cameras. Mounting and removing the Clip-Filter is quick and easy. The color shift problem that may occur due to the wide angle SLR lens in peripheral areas of the image could be reduced. The recommended SLR lenses focal length is 14mm or longer on full frame bodies.
  • The material is A2 stainless steel which is virtually non-magnetic and less brittle at low temperatures. Specially designed Clip-shaped structure could be pressed firmly while attaching the lens on camera body.
  • STC Astro-MS Clip filter can reduce the interference from artificial lighting in the city ,and enhance the wavelength of Hα, Hβ, OIII and SII. (Hα=656.3 nm, Hβ=486.1 nm, OIII=495.9 & 500.7 nm, SII=672.4 nm)
  • It is coated by the use of the IBAD (Ion beam-assisted deposition) technology on Schott® B270 optical 2mm glass, working for higher durability and easily cleaning, and preventing aging variation in optical spectral characteristics due to temperature and humidity change
  • High-quality double-sided NANO Anti-smudge coating provides excellent performance on waterproof and grease-proof capability
  • Considering the different optical lens properties of all kinds of brands, it is normal for spherical and coma aberration to occur on part of the fisheye lens, super wide angle lens and wide angle lens.
  • 18 months original manufacturer warranty and lifetime warranty on aluminium frame 
Compatible Nikon bodies
  • D4 / D4s
  • D800 / D800E
  • D810 / D810A
  • D750
  • D600
  • D610
  • Df


Warranty90 Day Covered By OPT


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