Used SBIG ST-I Mono Camera - UT-12081 -SOLD-

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  • This is a used camera in very good condition*
  • * ST-i in photo not actual item
  • Low noise, high sensitivity CCD
  • Internal mechanical shutter for automatic dark frames
  • Electronic shutter for short exposures
  • Up to 21 frames per second in focus mode
  • 16 bit A/D
  • Eyepiece size body (1.25-inch diameter)


Used SBIG ST-I Mono Camera - UT-12081 -SOLD-

UT-12081: The innovative, eyepiece-size SBIG ST-I Mono Camera is aimed at both entry-level and advanced amateur astronomers. Unlike other autoguiding cameras, the ST-i includes a mechanical shutter, providing greater sensitivity and more accurate guiding as users can now automatically capture and use dark frames while autoguiding.

The camera can take exposures as short as 0.001 seconds and focus at up to 21 frames per second. It will download 16-bit images at up to 12 frames per second, allowing users to extract finer detail with higher dynamic range than 8-bit cameras, especially when doing planetary imaging.

Recognizing that many astronomers begin imaging with DSLRs and video cameras, SBIG is also bundling the ST-i with software that can be used by any imager, regardless of whether they use a CCD camera or DSLR for imaging. Combined with SBIG's own CCD Ops and PlanetMaster software for high-resolution planetary imaging, this bundled suite of imaging and planetarium software provides customers with a powerful and comprehensive set of tools. The imaging software suite not only supports the planetary and autoguiding functionality of the ST-i but also provides a comprehensive planetarium, telescope control, and image processing solution.

SBIG ST-i Planet Cam and Autoguider Features


ConditionVery good
Warranty90 Day


  • SBIG ST-I Mono camera
  • USB and guide cables
  • No case


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