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Used QHY EFW2-S 6-Position 1.25" Filter Wheel

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Used QHY EFW2-S 6-Position 1.25" Filter Wheel

The small version of the QHY Color Filter Wheel is only 15.5 mm (0.61-inch) thick and weighs just 0.8 ounces. The standard carousel for the QHYCFW2-S has five positions and accepts 36 mm unmounted filters.

The filter wheel body has six M3 screw holes on the telescope side that will accept the QHY OAG (off-axis guider), as well as four 3 mm holes on the camera side which can be used to connect a QHY InterCam Series camera.



    • The QHYCFW2-S has a gear driven disk, it is stable and solid.
    • A specially designed filter disk allows you to use unmounted filters with thicknesses from 0.7 mm to 5 mm.
    • The CFW2 motor resides in one corner of the filter wheel for increased work area.
    • USB port support and powered by USB when connected with computer.
    • Attaches easily to the QHY11,QHY21/22/23 and InterCam series cameras via 4-pin socket.
    • A 2-pin socket supports the QHY9 (an external power supply is required).
    • Open Source firmware, compatible with Arduino
      • This is a used filter wheel in excellent condition
      • QHY EFW2-S 5-position filter wheel
      • USB cable
      • QHY camera coupler
      • Extra long set screws


Warranty90 Day Covered By OPT