Used Optec Focus Lynx System for Feathertouch 3" Focuser - UT-12943 - Sold

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Used Optec Focus Lynx System for Feathertouch 3" Focuser - UT-12943 - Sold

How do you create a simple system that allows an astronomer to set up in the field and see the wonders of the universe though an eyepiece, then transform easily to a photographic setup with fully automated focusing? Optec has developed a solution to this problem, and the answer is the FocusLynx FT with QuickSync.

Optec is proud to announce the marriage of Optec's digital automation and Starlight Instruments Feather Touch feel. Combining the FocusLynx Controller Hub with a new motor housing featuring their QuickSync engagement system, the FocusLynx FT, offers the best of both worlds. Here are some of the design goals Optec kept in mind while creating the FocusLynx FT:
  • Robust mountable case/ no plastic
  • Dual focuser capability
  • Ethernet and WiFi connectivity
  • Smartphone compatibility and control
  • Simple serial connectivity for the hobbyist
  • Pulse-Width Modulation control of stepper motors
  • Higher focuser resolutions
  • Higher torque for heavier payload capacity
  • Temperature compensation


The Optec FocusLynx Controller: The basic FocusLynx controller is a small, all aluminum case measuring 5 x 3 x 1-inches. On the bottom are well labeled connections for power, network, hand control, and serial cables. On top are two connectors for the focusers to be controlled. All cables are standard off-the-shelf cables with the exception of Optec's proprietary USB/Serial cable which is included in the package.

Out-of-the-box, the FocusLynx controller will provide digital control for one focuser stepper motor. A second stepper board can be easily added to convert to dual focuser control.


Software Control and ASCOM: The FocusLynx system was built from the ground up to be fully compatible with ASCOM focuser standards and allows multiple connections from multiple ASCOM clients. That means you can connect up through the FocusLynx Commander (included), Maxim D/L, and FocusMax simultaneously without having to disconnect and reconnect. Automation programs like ACP, CCD AutoPilot, and CCD Commander can access the dual FocusLynx focusers with ease, regardless of the physical connection.

Whether you choose serial, USB, Ethernet, or WiFi connectivity, all ASCOM clients connect up easily, every time. Calibrating and aligning your Feather Touch focuser is as simple as entering the actual focuser position and clicking the Sync button.

FocusLynx FT for Feather Touch: While the FocusLynx system will control any uni-polar stepper motor including the original TCF-S and MicroTouch motors, the PWM control circuitry really achieves peak performance with bi-polar motors. When considering a replacement for the uni-polar MicroTouch motor, Optec engineers considered the most important needs for digital focusing today. Among the most significant:

  • High Resolution using smaller step sizes
  • More Power for heavier camera payloads


Temperature Compensation for fewer re-focus adjustments: With new information revealing the Critical Focus Zone is smaller than originally thought, higher resolution and smaller step sizes are essential. The FocusLynx FT offers the highest resolution currently available with 1-micron steps. As camera and instrument packages continue to become heavier, the focuser must be able to move these heavier loads without slipping. Lab tests with a Feather Touch 2.7-inch focuser pushed 35-pounds vertically without hesitation. FocusLynx FT incorporates a temperature sensor at the telescope, where it belongs, and produces a much more reliable temperature compensation algorithm for accurate automatic temperature adjustments. An easy-to-use Temperature Compensation Wizard makes determining the system TC (temperature coefficient) simple without loss of imaging time.


Optec FocusLynx FT Motor Assembly: What really makes the FT motor assembly unique is QuickSync - a smooth clutch mechanism that allows simple manual engagement of the focus motor. Rotate the QuickSync motor housing forward to engage the motor and control the focuser electronically, then rotate the motor housing backward to disengage the motor and resume manual fine focus.


QuickSync - Simple, elegant, and beautifully implemented: The Optec FocusLynx FT30 fits the 2.5", 2.7" or 3" Feather Touch focusers. The package include the FocusLynx controller, power supply, cables, software, and FT motor housing. A complete solution right out of the box, hardware and software installation takes less than 10 minutes.



ConditionVery good
Warranty90 Day Covered By OPT


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