Used Meade LX-10 8" SCT w/Magellan 1 - UT-11761 - SOLD -

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  • This is a used telescope in very good condition
  • Comes with Magellan 1 to help locate objects


Used Meade LX-10 8" SCT w/Magellan 1 - UT-11761 - SOLD -

UT-11761: All the optical performance of Meade 8" LX200GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain, at a moderate price.

For the serious amateur astronomer on a more limited budget, or for the more casual observer who nonetheless demands the very finest in optical performance, the Meade 8" LX10 satisfies every requirement. No other similarly-priced 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain offers such a range of high-performance standard features-or such a range of important options for special applications. Consider these standard-equipment 8" LX10 specifications:

Meade 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical System: Notwithstanding its moderate pricing level, the LX10 includes the exact same 8" optical tube assembly as provided with more expensive Meade 8" LX200GPS. Every statement in this website pertaining to 8" LX200GPS optical performance applies equally as well to the 8" LX10.

Fork Mounting: The relatively light weight, but very stable, LX10 fork mounting provides all of the rigidity required for sensitive high-power applications of the telescope, or for photographic or CCD imaging. Ball bearings on the polar axis complement the precise action of the internal worm gear system, below.

DC Electronic Worm-Gear Drive System: The LX10's Meade-engineered drive system incorporates a 5.75"-diameter worm gear, producing extremely smooth, regular sidereal motion for fully automatic tracking of the telescope with low periodic error-a periodic error that permits such advanced capabilities as long-exposure astrophotography or CCD imaging. Drive operation is by means of an electronically-regulated DC servo motor control, powered by four AA-size batteries that fit conveniently through the telescope's control panel. Battery life is in excess of 50 hours of telescope operation.

Hand Controller: Essential for micro-guiding the telescope during long exposure astrophotography, the LX10's standard-equipment pushbutton hand controller yields precise corrections in Right Ascension at 2x speed. With the optional Electric Declination Motor added to the telescope, the hand controller becomes fully functional at 2x speeds on both telescope axes. Both the hand controller and the optional Electric Declination Motor connect directly to the telescope's control panel.

Specifications: 8" Model LX10-Includes 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tube assembly (D= 203mm; F = 2000mm, f/10) with MgF2 coatings on the correcting lens and standard aluminum coatings on the primary and secondary mirrors; fork mount with setting circles, manual slow-motion controls, and locks on both axes; 5.75" LX worm gear reduction system; sidereal-rate electronically-regulated DC servo motor drive; 4-pushbutton hand controller for 2x speed corrections in RA; battery compartment accepting four (user-supplied) AA-size batteries (telescope may also be powered from an automobile cigarette lighter plug, using optional #607 Power Cord); 6 x 30mm viewfinder; eyepiece-holder and diagonal prism (1.25"); Series 4000 Super Plцssl 26mm eyepiece; standard equatorial wedge with elevation scale and fine elevation control; operating instructions.

Magellan control instructions;



ConditionVery good
Warranty90 Day


  • Meade LX-10 8" SCT telescope
  • Non-adjustable steel tripod
  • Equatorial wedge
  • Magellan 1 digital circles system
  • Diagonal and 26mm eyepiece
  • 8X50 finder
  • Telrad finder


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