Used Lunt Solar Imager - UT-11934 - SOLD

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  • This is a used camera in excellent condition


Used Lunt Solar Imager - UT-11934 - SOLD

CCD type: Sony ICX285AL Exview HAD CCD with ultra low dark current, extended IR response and vertical anti-blooming. CCD quality: Grade 1 or better - No bad columns, no dead pixels, no more than 6 'hot' pixels (saturated in <10 seconds).

CCD Full resolution Pixel data: Pixel size: 6.45uM x 6.45uM,

Image format: 1392 x 1040 pixels

CCD Image area: 8.98mm (Horizontal) x 6.7mm (Vertical).

Spectral Response: QE max at 540nM (~65%), 50% roll-off at 400nM and 750nM.

Readout Noise: Less than 7 electrons RMS - typically ONLY 5 electrons!

Full-well capacity: Greater than 23,000 e- (un-binned) Anti-blooming: Overload margin greater than 800x.

Dark current: Dark frame saturation time greater than 100 hours. Less than 0.02 electrons/second @ + 10C ambient.

Data format: 16 bits. System gain: 0.45 electrons per ADU Computer

Interface: Built-in USB 2.0 compatible interface.

Image download time: Typically 0.6 seconds full resolution using USB 2.0, approximately 2 seconds with USB 1.1.

Power requirements: 115VAC / 240VAC @ 12VA, or 12VDC @ 750mA max. Cooling system:

Regulated set-point cooling supply with single stage thermoelectric cooler to give a CCD temperature of up to -30C below ambient.

Size: 75 x 70mm red anodized aluminum barrel with 42mm 'T2' thread at the CCD window end & input/output plugs at rear.


ConditionVery good
ManufacturerLunt Solar
Warranty90 Day


  • Lunt solar imager camera
  • 2" and 1.25" nosepieces
  • AC power supply
  • Connecting cables
  • Hard carry case


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