Used Lunt 1.25" White Light Solar Wedge - UT-11641 - SOLD -

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  • This is a used item in excellent condition


Used Lunt 1.25" White Light Solar Wedge - UT-11641 - SOLD -

  • You can view or image the Sun in white light with this Lunt Solar Wedge (similar to a Herschel Wedge)


  • You can use your existing nighttime telescope with this Solar Wedge from Lunt Solar to view the Sun safely


  • Safely view eclipses, sun spots, and more with a regular astronomical scope using this easy-to-install and operate attachment


  • This Lunt White Light Wedge comes with a built-in ND3 filter which allows perfectly safe imaging or visual observing of the Sun. This attachment installs easily in a 1.25" focuser on your existing astronomical (nighttime) telescope. If you wish to do visual observing, it is best to have additional dimming of the image with an optional Polarizing Filter from Lunt. This White Light Solar Wedge 1.25" version allows for using 1.25" eyepieces and has a 1.25" barrel for the focuser. Comes with a fitted Hard Case. 1.25″ is best for refractors 4″ and under, and the 2″ is best for refractors 6″ and under.


    ManufacturerLunt Solar
    Warranty90 Day Covered By OPT


    • Lunt 1.25" white light solar wedge
    • Deluxe fitted hard case


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