Used Celestron 1.25" LPR Filter -Japan - UT-12227 -SOLD-

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  • Used Celestron 1.25" LPR Filter -Japan - UT-12227 -SOLD-

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    • This is a used filter in like new condition
    • Made in Japan
    • High grade optical glass
    • See deep sky objects against a light polluted sky

    Used Celestron 1.25" LPR Filter -Japan - UT-12227 -SOLD-

    UT-12227: The Celestron Light Pollution Reduction (LPR) Filters are designed to selectively reduce the transmission of certain wavelengths of light, specifically those produced by artificial light. This includes mercury vapor, and both high and low pressure sodium vapor lights and the unwanted natural light caused by neutral oxygen emission in our atmosphere (i.e. sky glow).

    Sky background is darker, and contrast of emission nebulae are noticeably improved. The perfect filter for viewing nebula from light polluted skies, or for boosting the contrast of nebula from dark sky sites.

    Imagers will appreciate the broader bandpass and inclusion of an extremely efficient H-Alpha passband (656nm).
    Celestron 1.25" LPR Telescope Filter Features
    • The multi-layer coatings are hardened using the latest technology for durability and resistance to scratching.

    • Improved transmission translates to maximum image brightness and contrast. Users of smaller, 4"-11" telescopes will especially appreciate the high efficiency, and larger scope users will love the rich star fields and detailed subtle nebular shadings that are left intact.


      Warranty90 Day Covered By OPT
    • Celestron 1.25" LPR filter
    • Original box

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